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Thanks :)


mate go suck a dick

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This is much more creepy (and harder) than the original especially when Berry The Bear was chasing me with a knife o_o (Timestamp: 3:46)

I played this and the remastered version in my video and it was really fun and it startled me a few times too (Timestamp 0:00)

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I honestly just love the idea of turning a sh*tpost series into an entire game lol (Timestamp: 17:11)

This was actually much harder than I expected I didn’t even make it into the castle yet and I kept getting killed lol I was so bad I quit and started playing another game that you made XD (Timestamp: 13:15)

This was actually pretty fun and I love how the graphics are almost exactly like in the movie (Timestamp: 0:00)

Idk what to say this was intense (Timestamp: 1:42)

P.s YouTube age restricted it because the other game was about momo

@HAMBURGER11 He said he can’t because he doesn’t own a Mac

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Ok so usually I would post a video of me playing the game but since I will be playing the game more than once I’m just gonna my playlist of the game. It is very creative and I love it I just love it they should make this an official Spongebob Squarepants game.

Fun game. Even though I beat it on second try it was still really hard because it took me FOREVER but I finally managed to do it. I can’t wait to play the sequel!

I completed 3AM at The Krusty Krab, but this was sooo hard!! Every time I was about to complete a task somebody would start chasing me XD Great game (Timestamp: 0:00)

I managed to beat the game on second try but my heart was legit pounding the entire time. (Timestamp: 9:10)

oh yeah you need to find the lighter

This game scared me SO BADLY! Probably the best creepypasta/urban legend based game.

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This was literally the scariest episode of Spongebob and playing it as a horror game sure was terrifying and fun. I managed to complete the game, but how do you get onto hard mode? Also I came across a bug where in the basement The Hash Slinging Slasher would be chasing me and then running from me. (Timestamp: 9:44)

This game legit scared the crap out of me (Timestamp 0:09)

This was a really fun and scary game. I really enjoyed playing it and I hope you continue to make more games.

Played this in 2 random games (Timestamp: 0:00)

Played this in 2 random games (Timestamp: 6:24)

Thanks for ruining my early childhood this scared me. But I still really enjoyed playing it, keep it up.

This game is so scary I love it

This is actually one of the best cartoon horror games I’ve seen/played. I know in the video I said that I hate this game but I didn’t mean it like that, I meant that it was really scary and it really scared me. You should make a sequel