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Thanks so much for continuing to look into this. I seem to have narrowed it down to a specific object so I suspect it's from my end, but I will have a deeper look at it this weekend and if I can't figure it out I will email you!

Hm, ok that is making some gears turn.. The only room creation code I have is for the live room which is live_room_start(), but I am setting variables in each instance of  a certain object, of which there are many

(1 edit)

Hey, I recently upgraded to GMS 2 2.3, downloaded the latest version of GMLive 2.3+, and it works for the most part! However I'm getting some strange behaviour with rooms, like if I move an instance it updates it but a sort of copy image stays in its original location. Here is the error that it's throwing:

Attempting to set gamepadcount to 12
DirectX11: Using hardware device
Collision Event time(microsecs)=4
[live][1/31/2021 4:57:38 PM] Initializing...
[live][1/31/2021 4:57:38 PM] Indexing assets...
[live][1/31/2021 4:57:38 PM] Indexed OK!
Total memory used = 64761010(0x03dc2cb2) bytes
Entering main loop.
[live][1/31/2021 4:57:40 PM] Ready!
[live][1/31/2021 4:57:40 PM] Loading room0...
[live][1/31/2021 4:57:40 PM] [error] { stacktrace : [ "gml_Script_vm_group_field_on_field_set (line 14017)","gml_Script_anon_gml_thread_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_382568_gml_thread_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive (line 12021) - var l_ar1=l_handler(l__gthis,l_act);
","gml_Script_anon_gml_program_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_107664_gml_program_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive (line 2779) - l_th.h_exec();
","gml_Script_live_room_loader_run_cc (line 11494) - var l_ccThread=l_ccProgram.h_call_v(l_ccPath,array_create(0));
","gml_Script_live_room_loader_run_yy_inst_cc (line 11525) - if(l_rcc!=undefined&&l_rcc!="")live_room_loader_run_cc(l_rcc,l_rname+":Properties");
","gml_Script_live_room_loader_run_impl2 (line 11725) - live_room_loader_run_yy_inst_cc(live_room_loader_inst_map_gml[?l_id],l_qinst);
","gml_Script_live_room_start (line 11791) - live_room_loader_run_impl2(l_rm2);
","gml_Room_rm_Live_Create (line 1) - live_room_start()" ], script : "gml_Script_vm_group_field_on_field_set", line : 14017, message : "invalid with reference", longMessage : "FATAL ERROR in Room Creation Code for room rm_Live

invalid with reference

 at gml_Script_vm_group_field_on_field_set (line 14017) - variable_instance_set(self,l_s,l_val);
" }
 called from game:gml_std_haxe_Exception_caught:9047
 called from game:anon_gml_thread_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_382568_gml_thread_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive:12031
 called from game:anon_gml_program_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive_107664_gml_program_gml_GlobalScript_GMLive:2779
 called from game:live_room_loader_run_cc:11494
 called from game:live_room_loader_run_yy_inst_cc:11525
 called from game:live_room_loader_run_impl2:11725
 called from game:live_room_start:11791
 called from gml_Room_rm_Live_Create:1
 called from 0
 called from inst_15DC9C3:Properties[L1,c9]

Any insight into what's happening?


Thanks, it should be good now!

Hey thanks Sjors! It's that obvious huh? You're right, I'm going to redesign the casing so it accentuates the pinch aspect and also makes it more comfortable. Although to be fair, I was holding the camera and you can't really play it with one hand, need the other hand to hold it in place, so new version will have a bit of a prong. (ps - sent you an email, I'm at Indiecade if you wanna try this or the Infinitag Capsule!)

Thank you for playing!

And done!