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Mathieu Auclair

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Awesome! Thanks for the review! And yeah I can probably tweak the controls, adding more location was already planned and it's coming! :) hahahaha join the discord server to get notified of the incoming raves!

IT'S NOW AVAILABLE MY DUDE! A public server is also coming!

Tonight I will be releasing the windows version with a public server so we can rave business party all together! ;)

I need to fix a few things first then I will install windows to make a windows build, sorry about that hahaha

I did change it, I'll check. sorry for the inconvenience!

Sorry for the laughing, that was me, a lot of vodka was involved in those clip... :oops:

For the guy in the game it's one of us, his username is bodro, I'm not sure if he has a youtube channel, we filmed that during the jam

Thank you very much for trying and featuring our game! <3 very appreciated!


Thanks for playing! We are looking forward to work on the game in the future :D

Done! Just played & rated your game, congrat for the jam and good luck! You made a cool game too, thanks for playing our game! :D

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Thanks for trying our prototype! We enjoy constructive comments! We've made this game during a weekend, that might be why it's not a AAA game, but yeah we will work on those points! Thanks for playing our game :D

10/10 best credit I've ever seen! Hahahahahahaha#back! <3 

Good job by the way! :) 

I've updated the description, sorry for the missing instructions :p

We haven't had enough time :p