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Mathieu Auclair

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Actually, if you guys come to Montreal, I have my apartment with a rooftop pool if you ever come by!

Pretty cool concept, polish it a bit and shoot that bad boy on the app store with ads, I'm sure you're going to make a buck!

Nice demo! Love the CCTV camera effect! Would play again once you release a new version!

Works great under Linux using Wine ( as usual for unity games )

Here's some feedback:

- The rotation movement is too slow
- The change of camera is weird  when you aim, maybe a transition/animation could cope with this
- The level design is great but the UX is not good, it's unclear where to go and if you can actually use the staircase, maybe with zombies it will help knowing where to go

Smoked a bunch a weed, played the game, had a really fucking awesome trip! Played for 30 minutes! Good game! GG!

Awesome! Thanks for the review! And yeah I can probably tweak the controls, adding more location was already planned and it's coming! :) hahahaha join the discord server to get notified of the incoming raves!

IT'S NOW AVAILABLE MY DUDE! A public server is also coming!

Tonight I will be releasing the windows version with a public server so we can rave business party all together! ;)

I need to fix a few things first then I will install windows to make a windows build, sorry about that hahaha

I did change it, I'll check. sorry for the inconvenience!

Sorry for the laughing, that was me, a lot of vodka was involved in those clip... :oops:

For the guy in the game it's one of us, his username is bodro, I'm not sure if he has a youtube channel, we filmed that during the jam

Thank you very much for trying and featuring our game! <3 very appreciated!


Thanks for playing! We are looking forward to work on the game in the future :D

Done! Just played & rated your game, congrat for the jam and good luck! You made a cool game too, thanks for playing our game! :D

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Thanks for trying our prototype! We enjoy constructive comments! We've made this game during a weekend, that might be why it's not a AAA game, but yeah we will work on those points! Thanks for playing our game :D

10/10 best credit I've ever seen! Hahahahahahaha#back! <3 

Good job by the way! :) 

I've updated the description, sorry for the missing instructions :p

We haven't had enough time :p