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exactly that, as it is a fixed object, it is not necessary to move during certain poses, just keep the head in the same position and height.

and if it's also possible, to match the halo, to add these "wings" (this is more of a representation of wings but that's it in a way), I'm looking forward to the next update, I've seen the evolution of this project, don't give up on it .  👍

I know there are already several types of ears, but I wanted something more "exotic", like that, something more mystical if possible in the future.

there is no standard style so to speak, simply buy what you like and have fun creating outfits along with the various body and visual customizations that are available, here are some styles that I have created now, as you can see, they are not that creative but you know, the laziness speaks louder, depending on how much money you have, buy EVERYTHING and have fun creating your own style.

but at least he's there for you to appreciate him and get his clothes XD

Possible SPOILER if you haven't finished the whole story yet: 

even though he isn't in the park, he will be on the island and participate in the competitions...

That's right, sometimes the translator fails miserably 😐

any idea of adding a coat, it would be another style along with the "mobster" hats

90% of this was achieved in the Gentlemens Club, so focus on these two stats that were mentioned and you will get everything you want

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if that's what I'm thinking, did you catch any mushrooms?  it's probably on the Wiki about how to cure this.

don't look 😆

he will be on the island now, go there and check if he really is, because I finished all the missions and he is there and he will participate in the competitions.

asking that it was easier than trying to predict that I would say who the characters were 🤣

a bot could find a picture of two specific characters 🤔, I'm a real person, and the characters are Texas and Lappland from the anime-turned-game "arknights"

at the base of the desert?  it would be interesting

fair, I don't judge your "fetish", or "peculiar taste" 🤔 no joke 👌

why? 🙃😆

hmm, nice name, about the save file, if you haven't updated since the r30 version and just updated now, most likely the file got corrupted, and unfortunately you'll have to restart...

behind this location after scaring the secretary

Indivi, rest as much as you can, it will help a lot in recovery.

(my opinion) - I have 72 hours of gameplay, and I've done all the missions available so far, that is, I've interacted with all the characters, if I say I liked them all I'll be lying, but it was interesting to go through all these stories and narratives, as much as I didn't really read all the dialogues because I don't know much English, I know enough to understand a dialogue, but laziness was greater, and I only found a "screen Translate" only after finishing the whole story 🤣, so , just do the necessary part of Fawn's part and forget about her, but, only she has a secret outfit that you will want to get... and I'm not saying this just to make you do her story, believe me.

also no, this mission is not complete yet, as the game is under development, be patient, I suggest you do all available missions and improve your status to prepare for the next updates, better to be strong fast than needing to do a mission several times times 👍

not yet, but more interactions will be added in the future, maybe a use or a battle to destroy him, that's all there is to interaction for now.

don't be sad, I know it was a frustration, but this will be added in the future if I'm not mistaken.

how complex would it be to link a community within the game that would allow players who wanted to create their own outfits with customization of color and opacity?, I know there would have to be a way to make them in all positions of the Lust Doll, but it would be interesting having customized outfits "to your liking" so to speak, this idea is left for when the game is completely finished with the story.

are really good ideas for new customizations, but remember that the game is in development, just don't rush the good work that Indivi is doing in this wonderful and complex game with history, mysteries and secrets to be discovered.

your creativity is the limit

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in my opinion, activate everything in Sanctum to not lose any content, because later in the story you can change the body as you want, either with magic or in a specific location that will be released when you finish a certain part of the story.  and as for playing time I have 72 hours total, and I haven't missed any of the story and secrets because of any optional Sanctum options.

a good idea to be visual only, without changing the whole body design, but for now I think it's hard to happen, I could be wrong about that, but for now, this is the closest to your idea, XD 🤔

there are already fox/wolf ears in the game, what part of the story are you in?

the chaos that was in the old Lust Doll 🧐 but it's interesting

in the future, bird features may be added, but, as the game is still in development, this would not be added now, but, your imagination is the limit in this game, even though it is not complete, there is A LOT of customization content in this game so, just have fun with your creations.

painting each part separately with the new item "Hair master" if I'm not mistaken, I don't remember if you can do that in the places where you can change the hair too, maybe there's a Wiki about the new item.

The RGB hair is real 😆

too many variables and scenes might stop working properly for this to work?

if you want to remove it and don't know how, use the magic the succubus taught you, or pay to have it done at the succubus tower

in the science lab with Linda in New Ark City

I have a suggestion, instead of the "face" slot having both mouth and eye accessories, separate them into subdivisions. it would just be a visual detail, it wouldn't make much difference, but it's an idea for a future update.

go to the north entrance of the desert city and go to the right until you reach this point

I think, maybe, I can finish everyone in the slave house with these stats plus the spells 💪

after 69 hours of gameplay, I can say, continue that you will be enchanted even more, both with the story and with the secrets, mysteries and challenges