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I liked it but I do wanna point out the code is a bit unoptimised, everytime you die it reloads the entire which is not good for people with old computers

I quited since a few months and then out of nowhere I check my page in months and the first thing I noticed was bananaguy full release, I imediatelly installed and played.

I loved it. 

If I could ask anything else, it would be to make a level editor and loader because I would love to see new maps from other people using the duck mechanic.

I like how with duck you can spam it and build up ridiculous amounts of speed, it is great.

my son was captured! I will kill my other 500 children to rescue him! I will also kill ramdom citzen for no reason at all, using my sons. I loved this game

when I opened my potato toater just crashed

I am gonna see if it runs on 10 fps on my portable microwave.

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I loved it, it has great potetial, I would like you reworked the controls especially the triple jump, and add sound, but is a really nice demo, I did some amatour speedrunning and got the bad time of around 180 or 190 seconds.

I need to say, the graphics are incredbly good for a stick game, so much I can't play on my "potato toaster"

I would like to see some options that open like a big menu that you change each aspect of the game, I loved it

i mean, pretty acurate with its counterpart