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Thanks for the fan art! Very cute!

By all means, please do, I love seeing people enjoy the game! :) Thanks for playing!

Thank you very much for the kind words! 

To me it doesn't matter if this community grew to Fnaf size, or stayed how it is, I'm just happy to see people enjoy what I make, and I want to continue doing it whether I have 10 followers, or 10k. I'm very thankful for the following I have now, like Gizley. Just seeing how much she delved in and seemed to enjoy it truly is a devs dream come true, and is a big inspiration to me, that I can create something bigger and better that people will enjoy. And I can't wait to see  her 100% complete the full release in 2 hours (as she's known to do)

I'm very thankful for all the fans I currently have, and I hope I can make something you'll all like. Thanks for sticking around! :)

Congrats! I'm glad you guys liked it! Thank you for playing :)

Good luck! It kind be slightly obscure to find, so hopefully you can get it!

I will keep this in mind, thanks for the tip! I'm not really sure how chromebooks work, but would a mobile version be available to you?  as I plan on making the mobile version no different from Windows/Mac besides some resolution changes. If not, I can just release an HTML version for download possibly.

Also, I love the your name :)

That is due to a bug in unity, but next patch should fix this!

The full release doesn't currently have any plans to be played in browser, it will be available for download on steam and, but maybe even mobile after release, but I'm going to prioritize PC vers first.

Thanks for playing!

Sure thing! Added a downloadable version to the page. It was very fun creating this (especially coming up with words and phrases). So I'm glad you like it!

Yeah I'm sorry about that. I really wanted to take a break this project but I didn't want it just sitting on my hard-drive, so I polished it up just enough to make a prototype. I really do like this project though so hopefully in the near future I'll give it some more love :)

Tips: "Clicking is only useful for about the first 3 girls"

intellectuals: *click 8000 times a second*

Thanks for playing!

A bit more digging huh? That's actually pretty funny considering I wanted to tone down on that and make achieving the true end a bit easier. As it seems some parts can be a bit obscure sometimes. I think more clues are definitely in order. But I'll make sure to keep in mind that part of the fun is diving into the game and trying to find what is has to offer. Thanks for the feedback!

Wow, amazing playthrough! Glad to see someone found the true ending! (as far as I know, you're the first!) It always inspires me to see how much people enjoy diving into this series, and it always makes me think Ayumi could potentially become more than what she is currently. Thank you so much for putting so much dedication into this playthrough, I hope you enjoyed the game as much as I enjoyed watching you play it. You definitely earned a subscriber!

Thanks for playing!

P.S, Your Ayumi voice is 10/10, very adorable!

Yes it is! thanks for playing!

Good stuff! if you have any suggestions to make the mini game feel better, feel free to let me know. And as for the binary, it does have some clues to the lore. Though I think the binary and base64 will be removed soon as they just make things more complicated. Thanks for playing!

There's technically no jump scares if you beat her games :) And there are 4 endings and 1 easter egg ending. Which the easter egg and last ending are pretty hard to find, good luck!

There are currently 4, and one easter egg ending. They should be easier to find next update, thanks for playing!

I've yet to see anyone reach it yet! I'm planning on adding more clues to reach it real soon, and make reaching it more rewarding, as currently I find it interesting, but kind of lackluster. Good luck!

Glad you like it! I love working on this game, and it seems people are enjoying it :)

To get the "escape" ending. you need to click on the door as fast as possible. You will know you got it when you hear a wood crashing sound. I will probably hotfix this soon to make it both clearer to what you need to do and make it a bit easier

Thanks for playing! :)

Lol that's hilarious! Maybe it's for the best though, because things definitely don't get better from there on!

Thanks for trying to play!

I plan on patching a few bugs soon, but maybe an easter egg/new ending could come from that as well. But I don't plan on anything big for the time being. I'd love to eventually make something more of this because I like the idea of this a lot.

Thanks for playing!

Careful not to break it. That'd make her very angry with you.

Thanks for playing!

hope it didn't freak you out too much haha! Thanks for playing!

I wasn't aware this was an issue, I have an option in the bottom right to full screen. Is that not there for you? Anyway I'll work on a hotfix for this!

glad you liked it! thanks for playing!

Funny play through! That intro was 10/10

Thanks for playing!

I had a lot of fun making this, so I'd definitely love to make more horror. I am a pretty novice developer and I'm just sticking my toes in the water, but horror is one of my favorite genres, so I'd love to make something with more story and gameplay (Maybe even more Ayumi).

Thanks for playing! 

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!

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Well there's an ending where you "escape" and one where you don't. If you didn't know, you need to click the door as fast as possible in order to escape. If you fail to escape, you get the "Good Ending" (Her terms not mine) 


Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! And Ayumi thanks you too ;)

Which ending? ;) Thanks for playing!

Super simple and fun, The poof at the end made me laugh :)

Great to know this in case there's ever any updates ;) Thanks for the info!


Claustrophobia + distorted music = terrifying! I felt anxious the whole time and I loved it, great game!

Very disturbing. I loved it

Game looks great and made me feel claustrophobic. Huge fan of these 3d pixelated game. Only slight problem I had was the mouse sensitivity. Not sure if it was just me but I had to lift my mouse 4 or 5 times just to look all the way left or right, and that just took me out of it slightly. I like that it's slow but slightly boosting it up or maybe adding a slider would be nice. great game over all though :)

I loved the art style, great job!

Impressive! Very detailed and spooky atmosphere, Well done for your first 3d game too :)

Very nice visuals, made me feel very uncomfortable and I loved it