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Thanks, we've been trying hard to make it great!

Saves should be available in the next update. (A few weeks from now).

By the time of the release there will be a couple of new additions for sure!

We'd love to have LowPolis on Steam — more details on that in the future.

Hello Monjize, thanks for an appreciative comment! We still wonder ourselves what's so captivating in LowPolis.

Speaking of the release date, we wish we could launch the game by the end of 2020, yet we don't want to overboard with promises. Please treat that more like a general hint ;)

Hello Klogner!

Thanks for reporting the problems to us. Could you tell us when you noticed the flickering? How big was your city? 2 & 3 are great suggestions and we are going to add these to our to-do list.

Hello, please use the storehouse to expand the borders of your city.

Hello Jytte!

We’re always happy to read that someone enjoyed the game! Thanks for elaborate feedback too! The team puts a lot of effort to improve LowPolis.

When it comes to game balance, we try to adjust resource use regularly. Still looking for the optimal economy!

Some buildings will definitely have their advanced counterparts, although we don’t want to make it too complex. 

The map choice/town hall placement is something that we want to approach in a different way We’re going to give level design a closer look in the future.

Tech tree has been on our minds for a while but thanks for mentioning it. Seeing people interested in a game mechanic always helps us reconsider features.

The alternative designs thing sounds cool! We will seriously think about it.

LowPolis Discord server will be coming soon.  We’d love to discuss various directions the game could develop into. We’re looking forward to seeing you and the larger community participate there :D

Again, thanks for making us more aware & giving some hints!

Hello, Lux!

We're really happy you liked it. Which mechanics did you enjoy the most?
The save feature is our next immediate priority. Also, please don't worry about the paid version.

Thanks for giving LowPolis a chance and dropping a comment!

Hello, inept!

Thank you for giving LowPolis some appreciation. We will care for the friendly pace & relaxing gameplay character. 

When it comes to fortification building experience, we are going to think how to make it better. Really thanks for sharing your feelings on that.

Thank you!

The game is currently in development. We release it as a demo available for free with optional donations.

The save feature will be added in the near future.

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@rickfassuco We can't really answer the reviews directly, so I will do it here, I hope you can read it.

The full release and demo are going to have saves. We want to add it as soon as possible.

If I can specify - probably on Monday.

Hello Anthony!

Thank you for all these compliments. We just want to deliver great experience with LowPolis. The Discord is in the plans for the nearest future. Stay tuned!

It's a demo meant to showcase core features. We made it available for free and keep adding to it.

Yet eventually, LowPolis is going to reach its release-ready state.

Hello HighLive, thanks for coming by to leave us a nice comment!

We planned to introduce desirability as a reward for citizen-friendly building patterns.
The income breakdown is something to be considered as a feature. Great suggestion!

And yes, we've been excited to watch that video minutes after it's been published.
Raptor has been hilarious to listen and entertaining to watch. :D

Sure, thanks for the bug report!

Probably because of your Operating System version. We will upload more platform-dependent builds(Windows x64/x32 and Linux) today. Sorry about that.

It looks really good, I'm glad you found the right balance there!

Good to know, I hope you have enjoyed our game!

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Hmm, there is a green button "Download now" in the Download section, you can use it to access the game for Windows and Linux.

What we really want to achieve is a well-designed endless mode. Provided that our motivation to work on LowPolis stays as great in the distant future, creating a campaign sounds like an interesting challenge. Be sure that we will announce anything game-changing in the page info.

Thanks for the interest!

Unfortunately not yet, but we're going to introduce it as soon as possible. 

Hello, the support for Mac version is coming and it is going to start from the next update (in about 2 to 3 weeks).

Hello, dontnormally! What an unfortunate way to lose. If the conditions were satisfied (road connection, entrances facing the road, available worker etc.) it could've been a bug that wouldn't show up during our test plays. Let's hope that the issue doesn't happen to you again. We'll see to it as well before the update.

When it comes to overall building vs. road placement. It's been on our minds, and we're working on a solution that would allow free building and at the same time keep the need for road connection to make structures active.

Thanks for playing the game and coming here to drop a comment!

Hello SGP, we're striving to improve both LowPolis and communication, let's hope you'll like what's to come. Many thanks for featuring us on your channel and leaving some heart-warming things in the comment!

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Hi, thank you for coming by! Discord definitely feels like a good way to connect with people. While we're positive about it our roadmap is somewhat tangled in between studies, work & LowPolis development. It is something we would love to use in the near future.

Hey again!

LowPolis is regularly balanced with slight adjustments to resource costs and consumption. We are going to make every small effort to discover the “just fine” spot! :)

Hello Cenarone, thanks for sticking with LowPolis for 10h already! Every compliment on the game makes us happy. We also value suggestions & feedback — many thanks for that as well.

As far as water goes, we are aware that wells in their current state feel like an awkward thing. We’re still fiddling around that, but we’d love to keep water as a product to distribute it among people. It’s some serious early The Settlers nostalgia.

When it comes to Storehouses. Level 1 can serve 6 production buildings in a single moment, while level 2 can serve 9 at once. The real challenge here is to place them cleverly enough to make resource collecting as effective as possible. We wanted to add more building variety by introducing higher tier equivalents. It’s a matter of testing how much better these should be than the basic ones.

Eventually there are going to be more types of food. 

Again, thank you specially for writing an extensive comment on the game. LowPolis development has its direction, and we are moving the game to achieve more variety in the gameplay. Make sure to revisit the game every now and then!

Hello Bruno! We're glad that you liked playing LowPolis. The comments you left are really important observations that need some simple changes. We are especially focused on adding more details regarding level 2 city upgrade. We will be addressing 1 and 5 in no time as well. Thank you both for your nice words and spot-on suggestions!

Yup, it's a bit confusing because there is no information on how it exactly works. We realize that, and we are going to change it in the next update. Wells are slightly different producers since they are maintained by storehouses. It means that when a worker goes to the well he spends a few seconds there getting water, and then he goes back to store it. Thank you for the feedback!

Nice attempt here! I am really happy to hear that you enjoyed your playthrough. Congrats on getting out of debt! 

As for how the city level works, all you have to do is to fulfill the needs of your citizens. If they are happy (over 90% of happiness) and the particular hut is full it will get upgraded to the next level. If it is the first-ever house to level up, it will unlock II level buildings together with that better looking City Hall. There is no III level yet, but we are working on it at the moment. We are going to add clearer in-game information about upgrading your city I know that currently, it may be confusing.

Thank you for trying LowPolis and leaving a comment.

You have to build a Storehouse.

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What do you mean? You can't expand your city's borders or you can't reach II level of civilians? 

I'm glad you like our game. About saving system — it's not stable enough, the game changes a lot, so we decided to disable it for demo version.

Thank you for constructive feedback, I really appreciate it.

Many things are still in the “work in progress” stage, and we are sorry for these issues. However, here are a few tricks to optimize your experience:

  •  if you want to keep your wooden constructions safe remember to separate them with roads and keep a lot of water in storehouses
  • diseases problems are due to my mistake, I kept high illness risk from the test stage, sorry for that
  • actually battle demo is not that hard but you have to know a few things. Keep your archers safe, give orders in pause mode and try to guess which unit types are counters for one another

Yeah, I should highlight it or something. There is a stone icon in building mode but I see it is not enough. Thank you for sharing thoughts.

There are two stone sources near City Hall building but you have to expand a little your city using Storehouse.  I will attach screenshot to clarify it.

Hm, first of all, ensure that you have the latest Graphics Card Drivers. If yes - try to reinstall them. You may check DirectX too. If the problem still appears please contact me via mail I will need crash.dmp file too, it is located in the same folder as the previous error.log file.

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Really sorry for that. Try now lowpolis-demo-win32 package. Thank you for your donation!

Ach, thanks I will try to reproduce it.