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I wonder what would Baldi do if he found out that he made a mistake in the math?

When will there be a next update? There was not one for quite a while

Ok, thx

When you get hired?

I have an idea on an item. It would be the principal confuser. It would be active for 30 seconds and it would make you invisible for the principal of the thing and he will apply the school rules for baldi. If he has a speed of 5 problems wrong or up and the principal sees him, he would be caught for running and put to detention until the effect of the time wears off. It would spawn only after you have 4 notebooks and  would delete your soda when in your inventory(that means you can´t get soda when you have this). Baldi would also be put in detention for entering the school facility only rooms. It would be very rare. After using, it would turn into an energy bar. Baldi cant leave detention until the effect ends. It would be activated by clicking on the principal with it. If you use it during detention, the detention will end immediatly.

Survival mode: no books available and  baldi will get faster the longer you are alive. 

- A mod that would delete the jumpscare sound/replace it with for example super mario bros death sound or something that is not scary

- A mod that would allow you to change your speed, baldis speed and eventually other charaters speed.

I would make them myself if i would know how.