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I really liked the game idea!
I would love to see different items with varied mechanics, combining stuff would definitely add more flavour to the game.

The only negative thing is that it's not clear which items are interactable. I.e.: I didn't know I could move the flag, which is a big game-changer.

The noises! It must be the noises!

Thank you!
All "me-made" sound effects... Want to make a whole sfx pack after the success of this game :D

Embrace the jank!

Thank you for the detailed response!
There are differences, but not to the degree where it would matter, sadly. Could have spent a bit more time working on that.

Thank you!
The art syle is all Kenney, can't go wrong with that!

First time I had bugs that were actual features in a game :D

Yes, I really wanted people to feel bad about playing this game... :D

Thank you!

Depends on the question :D A bit broken...
I'm using this solution:
And then write the UI to display the leaderboard

(1 edit)

And fire and smoke! It will happen :)

Thank you, Huski! Fair point!
I'm working on more assets, that I can just drag in if needed and that hopefully will get more time to do more art and music.

Thank you!
You are the first to ever put any of my games on youtube!! 

Sadly not really, this was for a jam, made in less than 48 hours. Will add more content after the jam is finished!

Thank you! I'll check it out!
Can't update while the rating period is running for the jam, but as soon as it's over, I'll fix this!

Thank you very much! Will definitely improve the game in the near future!
Let me know what you would like to see!

Thank you! Great game as always!

There are some surprisingly difficult puzzles for a short jam game! 

There's always a post-jam version! :)

Fun game as always!
Really focus intense, a lot more than what I would've expected from a "ball game"!

Same as others: The art style makes the game outstanding but in the current state it's really hard to see what is what

The most popular game of the jam at the moment for a good reason!
The colour scheme is brilliant and the gameplay is fun!
I would have made the teleportation a bit more guided (I.e.: where I'm looking)

Great idea! What I would've done differently is to set the tower placement to the left and right mouse button, or keypress (which could support more than two towers).
click and click again is a bit slow for a game like this that rely on speed.

Quite a unique game among the entries!
It is well done! Congrats!

Interesting concept. The Bunnies are super cute... It feels double bad to drop them. :(

Hello Chris!
The game plays fun and it is really fancy!
Although I would tone down the effects a bit in favour of readability.
When too much happening on the screen it's hard to know what to focus on as a player.

Had fun with it! A nice twist on the "Guitar hero" rhythm game genre
(P.S.: Bojler eladó)

Well... I mean... It's in a grid :D You can't even shoot if you are not straight in one direction (up, down, left, right) unless there's a big I didn't notice.

Come to the stream today and will discuss everything!

Thank you for the comment! I'll have a stream today, and talk about how the game was intended to play, and would love to have a conversation how to improve the game!

Thank you for the comment! I'll have a stream today, and talk about how the game was intended to play, and would love to have a conversation how to improve the game!

Thank you! Might add more in the future!

Sadly the UI has fallen apart.
The fact that you can only face one direction and won't be attacked from anywhere else defeats the purpose of the game :/
It's a nice idea tho.

Officialy, the voice is the unique selling point XD 

Rage game for sure.
The controls are too fustrating. Would have been nice to have a simple click-hold-release system.

Flappy Birds on drugs... The concept might work but it is in a too early prototype stage

The most peacefull rendition of hell I have ever seen! I suffered a lot!
5* Can't recommend enough!

Mobius Escape!

Can Mobius lock you in its realm?

A wall climbing puzzle adventure!

Thank you very much for the comment and the support all the way!