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Hello! Both versions (Android APK and iOS TestFlight) should have Kouya and Rui's routes!

Hi, we've uploaded a new build (85) that should fix issues with one chapter not showing up if you're on Kouya's Golden route. If you've unlocked Kouya's 7th (final) CG but not the 6th, please download this update, you should have a new chapter up on Day 10. Thanks!

Hi! If you're on TestFlight please update to the latest build (81) otherwise, if you're on Android, please download the latest version on this page!

That build should include a fix for that progression blocker (verified by a member of our Discord community who was encountering that issue). However, we've fixed this issue multiple times now and it seems there are device/platform specific bugs.

Once you've updated, please replay the last 2 chapters in Day 2: "A Shift in Focus" and "To Tomorrow". After replaying those chapters, you should be able to progress to Day 3.

If you're still encountering issues after updating your version, please feel free to join our Discord community where we will be able to provide even more in-depth support!

Update: We've fixed a major bug with the save system. Unfortunately, this means that existing manual saves will no longer work. Please manually save again after opening the updated APK/TestFlight build to avoid any data loss.

Hello! Rui's good and golden routes are particularly hard to reach! To avoid spoiling others on the comments section, please feel free to join our Discord community! People will be happy to guide you there.

Hi everyone! It's been a while but we're happy to announce that we're beta testing Kouya and Rui's routes!

A new APK with the beta build is available in the Downloads section for Android users while iOS users can use this TestFlight invite link to get access to the beta:

Please check  out our latest devlog for more info!

Thank you so much for the feedback!

No worries - support can come in many forms and this comment encourages us! \o/

Thank you so much, our artists appreciate the comment!!! 

We're hoping to keep it free-to-play once full version is out :)  We're setting up a Kickstarter to cover development funds for now to help us get there :D