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Very welcome!

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Hey, great to hear you're enjoying my game! Well, there *might* be Wizards who, for some reason, can't cast spells per se, but have powers that mimic spells... for instance:

A Wizard with arcane protection ("arcane armor") who is able to enhance the effects of magic items simply by touching them. This Wizard rolls two spells: Sleep, and Shadow Walk. Now, we know s/he can't cast spells (because the player didn't pick or roll the move "1. Cast Spells"), but somehow, this Wizard still has the ability: maybe it's a PSI-like thing, or maybe those "spells" are beings he tamed.

The difference is in the narration, and it's also in scope: A Wizard without that move "1. Cast Spells" can't learn spells from a book, in my game. In your game, of course, this might be perfectly possible.

Does this make sense?

@psytek, I hope these two pages from my Bound For Glory game can help:

Hi Psytek,
some time in the future, I'll update the file... other than that, feel free to surf over to our original Free Kriegspiel Revolution Discord:
You'll get answers there!

There will be updates… one of the things I'm working on is more detailed advice on how to run games.

Best! :)

Thank you, my friend!

Sword&Backpack, still so, so, so good!

Hey Rattlemayne,

I've done it again – I tinkered with MoldHammer… to play Warhammer first edition with it :)

Thanks for this great game!


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Just to give you an idea of what we mean when we say "background kit", this is a table of 12 archetypical Cyberpunk classes:

d12 Cyberpunk backgrounds
The number in brackets is the number of skills, powers or items of the class you MUST pick before play. 

  1.  Cops (2): Big revolver, kevlar vest, shotgun, close-quarters combat and firearms training, authority, shady business on the side.
  2. Max Tac Agents (2): Huge pistol, combat armor, close-quarters combat and firearms training, no hesitation to kill
  3. Corporates (2): Black credit card, holdout pistol, connections, first responder team subscription, dark secret
  4. Fixers (2): Pistol, knows people, ziplock filled with drugs, secret warehouse, knows how to streetdeal
  5. Medias (2): Recording suite, connections, holdout pistol, selection of fashionable uppers and downers, credibility, knows too much
  6. Netrunners/Crystaljocks/Deckers (2): Cyberdeck, self-coded and swapped apps, cramped hoarder apartment, piece of software from the Swede, high IQ, citizen of the net
  7. Med-Techs/Street Docs (2): small clinic, variety of illegal combat drugs and boosters, B-grade cyberware spareparts, a real doctor
  8. Panzerboys/girls/Riggers (2): panzer (armed hovercraft), slick sports car, armored drone, small warehouse with smuggled goods, pistol, vehicle zen, connections
  9. Nomads (2): road hog, gun, knife, brawler, can rely on his tribe, violent past 
  10. Rockerboys/girls (2): electric guitar, synthesizer, connections (but not in high places), knife, charismatic leader, anarchist background
  11. Solos/Ex-Soldiers/Street Samurai (2): arsenal of weapons, tactical gear, close-quarters combat, firearms and explosives training, nice pension, combat sense
  12. Techies (2): small workshop or garage, mysterious device you don‘t understand, graduated summa cum laude (tech and mechanics), small zapper, knows how to jury-rig

Buddy, you are invited, then :) 

Guys, the Arnesonian Background Kit Jam starts in 15 minutes!
We're looking for your ideas (no stats) for new classes for all rules-lite rpgs like MoldHammer and The Landshut Rules. Please spread the word!

See, you know, our games are pretty similar to each other and to Dave Arneson's kind of gaming… that's why I think a game jam here on itch would benefit everyone who's into "ancient school" type of rpgs… hm… 

Dude, you're awesome! Thanks for encouraging us creatives :)

Have you thought about a MoldHammer Starting Kit jam? 

Hey! I like what I'm seeing :) 

I think I'll use MoldHammer for a few DCC funnels. 

One addition i made:

Critical hits: if you roll a 1 to hit, roll again. 1 to 14, hit normally. 15 to 19, do 2 damage. 20, you scored a crit - roll 1d6, 1 to 5, the opponent is knocked out, 6, the opponent is dead. 

Perfect! When will the new edition be out? 

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I've followed your games ever since you started tweaking Into the Odd, and I liked what you came up with. A few days ago, I discovered MoldHammer on your blog – and I really like it. I'd say you could play D&D with MoldHammer right out of the box, but way faster. Very cool. Thank you for sharing!


I'll add the six traditional stats, but without mechanical consequences. Plus, I'll use d6 saves for non-life-threatening tasks, but I'll probably have the players roll d20 saves vs. their stats in really nasty situations.

Hey folks, 

I just released It's All Just Saves From Here On Out, my new universal roleplaying game. It's really fast, and character creation is a snap. 

Feedback is very welcome, as always!



Oops, I'm sorry! Please try again, it should be fixed now!

Hi Paolo, I just uploaded version 2 – it includes the combat example now :)

Beautiful layout, and beautiful character classes that remind me of Troika. I also like that Jason's hack works with skills and items only. Dropping stats simplifies the Goons system even more. Perfect.

Thanks, Paolo! I'll definitely do that. Thanks again!

Paolo, thank you for your favorable review! The fighting genre is popular, so no wonder there'll be a lot of Goon fighting hacks out there ;)

That said, just to clarify: I submitted my Kung Fu Goons 26 days ago – actually, it was the first action combat-oriented Goon hack available.


Referee: Cheng, you open the door to the restaurant, and a dozen or so mooks come running at you. You see blades flashing, and one of them has a submachinegun. What do you do?

Cheng: Okay… I have Kung Fu 1, so I add +1 to my 2d6 roll, right?
Ref: Yes.

Cheng: And for every cool detail I describe, I add another +1?
Ref: Yep! What do you do? They're closing in fast.

: I wait till the first two are close to me, then I throw a low kick that sweeps them off their feet (1), the three mooks behind them are crashing right into them and tumble to the floor, as well (2). I regain my footing and high-kick the next, sending him into the glass cabinet where the porcellaine dishes are stored (3).
That's three details, correct?
Ref: Yep, it's a +3.

Cheng (rolls 2d6 and adds 3 for the details, plus 1 for his Kung Fu stat): 10!
Ref (compares Cheng's 10 to the mooks' 8; now the mooks are down to Difficulty Score 6): Great! What next?

Cheng: I cock my fist for a mighty blow (1), but before I can punch, two mooks swing at my face with full force (2). Their blows connect with a sickening crunch, and I drop to the ground (3).
(rolls 2d6+4): 11!
Ref (compares the mooks' 6 to the Cheng's 11; a whopping 5 points damage, which means they're down to 1 – the next roll will definitely take them out, leaving their fate in Cheng's hands): Wow, solid roll, Cheng! Mind if I join you to describe a few things?

Cheng: Not at all! So, I'm on the floor, still dizzy, and try to pick myself up…
Ref: …and in the corner of your eye, you see the submachinegun guy, and before you can react, he shoots! You can see the line of destruction the bullets are cutting into the carpet. TATATATAAT!

Cheng: Aaah! AAAAAH! I make a desperate kip-up, and where I was just moments before, the bullets turn the floor into a fricking mess! You can see my face. I'm grinning. Oh yes, I'm grinning. Then I start running towards that guy.
Ref: SMG guy squeezes off another burst, and you hear the bullet tearing into the wall behind you, then you're directly before him. He drops the gun and pulls a huge knife…

Cheng: …and hits me in the shoulder! AAAH! My blood colors my 300 dollar shirt red. BASTARD! Chain fists to his face! He falls backward, I leap with a flying guillotine kick and ram him head-first into a chair. Then I look around, casually brushing my nose with my thumb.
Ref: The rest of the mooks are running now, they're headed for the exit!
Cheng: Pah. I allow it. Cowards.