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An interesting game with some legit jumpscares, defenitely try this one if you like horror games.

It's one of the best horror demos I've played. I think the character is hella creepy, it is really well-made. Brilliant idea. 

How do I download the game? There is no link here and at the official page of the game on google it will not allow me to download it either.

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I will always appreciate these pixel 2D games. They look so beautiful and artistic and they are so nostalgic as well.

Yes, of course!

Great game with a deeper meaning related to mental health issues.

Gameplay of your version of the game (the original) uploaded now ~

It's an interesting short horror game!

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Oh, sorry for that :(  I saw his page and didn't imagine there would be 2 versions, although that's very interesting. I just googled the name after playing to comment and chose the wrong page. I will post to his page as well  though and play your version,too. Yours looks really nice, too.

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I've just played it!  Edited : (that's the other version of the game)

Short creepy story. The biggest fear someone can have, watching a horror movie and having scary thoughts later, only in this case his night as a guard becomes a horror night.

I love these pixel story games, please keep it up!

Lovely art!

Dreamy game with really nice graphics.

Very interesting. At the end of the game I was lost though I couldn't finish it.

Make more games like these! They are lovely 

I love these story games.  Please make more!

It is easy to get lost in the game like you are living in a dream. It is like you walk around the real world, but without real interactions.

An interesting story you need to watch

A sad novel game, lgbtq related.

Good-looking halloween themed game!

Really nice  Art! Respect

I really enjoyed it ~

Beautiful Game!

I  love your games!

I have fallen in love with these 2D games. He is one of my favorite developers.

I love these history-related games. Keep it up!

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The people in the game were so freaking scary. I cannot wait for the actual game to come out!

It is a nice story with thought-provoking dilemmas.

This game is well-made and I would love to see a full version of it. It could be selling a lot, I am amazed it is not on Steam, too.

I want to check out the movie Corridor after playing this.

Hey there! I played your game since the graphics look really nice.  I had some issues with mouse movement though. Like, with looking right or left, the mouse sensitivity was slow in my opinion.