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Hi, my name is Mátyás and I'm a 19 years old university student from Hungary. You can write just Mat.

I didn't participate in the last jam, however I did participated in 2 jams before. And I could not finish my project in time in both cases. I planned before summer that I'll participate in a jam and in a team and finally finish something. I've never worked in a team before, because I'm kinda an introvert, unless we are talking about memes. It ain't muc, but it's honest work. I tend to overestimate myself and I can be a bit lazy too.

I perviously used game maker, but I'd like to learn Godot during this jam. I also make music and illustrate, but my drawing is not really good (my music I think can be borderline OK).  I really like Nintendo games and older classics such as Psychonauts.

I hope I can finish a game with a team while I puck up some social skills and learn a new engine. 

Thank you! I've learnt a lot of things during/from the jam. However, I like to finish what I've started, so I was a little bit disappointed. :)

When I get positive feedback ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

Thank you! I'm glad that you liked the most powerful weapon in the galaxy, an offensive (s)word. :D Besides this, your shield is an official NO U! shield (it's just too blurry, because I didn't have enough time).