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OK, this game blowed my mind. Very simple and pretty. It's more an android game for mobile phone than a game to play in PC, but it's kinda cool indeed. Nice job

Very nice work. Gameplay is funny and simple. Well done, devs!

Nice game, nice art, funny and simple. Like it a lot

ops, co-op. NICE!

This game looks so funny. Wanna play it

Funny and easy. Like it!

Is it still possible to play the demo?

Gonna download the game just because GIFs here looks interesting despite they are now resized for the web xD

Really interesting game. Upvote right now!

Nice game. Funny and simple. like it


interesting game concept. Is there a RTT feature or something kinda?

Like the clean aesthetic in the game. Glow in graphics is a must have. Nice work!

Nice gameplay. Will it be new updates about it? Are you working on a new game?

Found this game because of a page reference and have to say page is pretty cool and game looks amazing. Nice work, devs!

Too many zombies for just one soldier and one gun... oh wait! infinite ammo LoL

I can run, I can shoot. I can survive.