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This link is dead. Is the Discord still up?


I was wondering: since I am a Dragon Tier, Where can I find the parts PSDs and etc. for that level? Strangely enough, I became rather good at the dragon bones. 

On a different note, I've left messages directly in Patron but no replies there. Where is the Discord server? Binding to it on the website doesn't add it to the Discord App.

Inquiring Minds Gotta Know!

Hey there Aekashics!
I'm already about half-way through recreating the entire download.
Maybe once I'm done, I'll create a sample project with them all in there for use. :D 
Now if I can just stop being lazy..... mwahahahaaa... god I am getting old...

I noticed that the dragon bones use custom action sequences, but they are all based on the old MV setup. MZ doesn't use note tags.... you also reference things like: 

//-- SlimeDefender -- Attack Settings (copy '#20 Attack' as a base)

#20 isn't an Attack in MZ. Heck, even the base empty MV only went to 10.

What are you referring to? If it was the demo project, that's a dead link now.

Just trying to figure out how to move forward with them in MZ, everything works well with the VisuaStella DragonBones -> just want to give that AI something to use.