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use the itch launcher bruhh like bruhh seriously bruhh bruhhhhhhh

bruhh just use the itch launcher bruhh like bruhh just do it bruhh bruhh bruhh


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Normalmente le diria no a la Pizza con Piña pero esta estuvo deliciosa. Obtuve 12, 3 con ayuda de Lariat. ¡Espero esos hayan sido todos, excelente comida chef Alva!

Hi! I was wondering if you have in mind doing a Linux version?

Remember to follow the developing on Trello!

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Hello there! It's seems I can't claim this game, although I can download it? Weird bug

The upcoming site I'm developing will show the latest discovered drinks by users, so everytime you discover a drink you'll help others :b

Hello there! I invented this, I was making an SCP 3D game and I left the original 2D prototype for archive purposes

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Well, technically there is and you can access to it but I won't tell you how.

Also, I'm thinking about having a list inside the game where you can see all the drinks you tried


It has to be a problem with your PC or Browser. I checked and I have not found any problem in Chrome, anyway thanks for letting me know

Hello, I didn't put any instructions on how to "hack" the app because it's not mine. You could talk with the original creator about that.

I never liked Tomatoro (a web version of the pomodoro technique) because its a web site... Now my problems have been resolved, thanks for this app!

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I didn't understand the gravity thing at first, but when the shooting enemies started appearing oh boi I felt the force inside those ones.

The only thing your game needs its better presentation, not only the graphics but the itchio page itself, but tI'm beign exaggerated. You made a good funny and original arcade game!

Sure! You can use my template as you want!


Heya! I just published the mod, hope it wont be a problem :D

Can I modify it? I'm currently adding the "spin-offs" tilesets items

Lol good idea!

Thanks for your report

This is a pretty simple project, if you have previous experience with multiplayer you'll not encounter any problem setting it up. If you're new I would not recommend you to use this example, there's plenty of tutorials on YouTube for you to understand better the multiplayer and firebase plugins

Hello, under what license are this assets?

Hey bro remember to put your Ludum Dare page

Loved the idea but the game has so many bugs, sometimes some effects doesn't happens and one time when I decided to take a character it crashed

Hey Anuke, the new windows version doesn't work. It doesn't have the executable icon and crashses on start

Anything in this game isn't meant to be taken seriously, sorry if that wasn't clear 🙏

Thanks for your suggestions!

This game is being developed from scratch, the current playable version is the original. Please be patient and check the devlogs for more information :D

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First letter of the effects in uppercase and the <> right next (without spaces). 

You can use a negative numbers in the effects wich their parameter is a number.

Full list of effects:

  • Death
  • Flammable
  • Ignite
  • Drug
  • Alcohol
  • Heal
  • Random
  • Image
  • Download
  • Quit

In-detail effects:


Message of the death. You can use BBCode.

Death<Who would expect that drinking bleach [b]kills you?[/b]>


Flamable & Ignite:

Not parameter needed. Flammable & ignite will kill the player when  has the both.




Needs the power of the drug, if 100 will kill the player. This will distortion the player view. The drugness is cumulative.




Exactly like the High but in alcohol.



Not parameter needed. Will remove every effect on the player.



Shows a message to the player.

Message<"I prefer the real one">


Chooses a drink at random and gives that effect.



Shows an image to the player. Put the URL of the image



Download a file from the URL in the parameter.



Use null if your drink is useless.

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Just follow the format:

Effect of the drink<>

Check the effect info here.

If you want to send more than one drink, make it without break of lines.

Death<I even need to explain this?>

All the bugs are fixed

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The current text bug has been fixed, but in the time (for the jam) i cant upload it. The bug only happen when you died. So please, close the game and start it again to fix.

The current text bug has been fixed, but in the time (for the jam) i cant upload it. The bug only happen when you died. So please, close the game and start it again to fix.

I love the graphics, althought the gameplay its boring at the start

Me encantaría que lo actualizaran con más niveles y lo traduzcan para que así todo México pueda probar la experiencia tan satisfactoria que tuve con su juego ¡Sigan así! ¿Y para cuando los tacos :b?

Spanish gameplay UmU

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Creo entender el motivo del juego o por así decirlo "moraleja". Me imagino que tratas de plasmar la monotonía del día y como pusiste en la descripción la inconformidades diarias. Sin embargo, no llego a ver esto realmente en el juego.

Entiendo (o al menos eso creo) muy bien los juegos experimentales, pero realmente no le veo ningún significado a este, pero espero que sigas desarrollando la idea que con este estilo puedes llegar a hacer algo realmente inovador, bueno creo que ese es el punto de ser experimental ¿no? :3

Sorry for redacting in spanish but is more easy to me for express my opinion and ideas.

Great pixel-art, great music, great concept, so much creativity. I love this game!

And my best record is 13 level :D