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Okay, that's an interesting idea. I'll consider it as a fun extra configuration

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You may want to try it with a space

Have you thought about making the item database more UI oriented? Instead of just plain JSON, it would be cool to have a way to configure templates of properties so when you create an Item you can set that template and show a simple interface to fill the fields similarly of how GridlessDB does it

Very easy to check really:

Clean as a whistle.

It does, actually. Thanks!

It's addictive, but unfortunately it suffers greatly of bad performance. Making the game run on <20 FPS on a mid-end laptop. I would suggest you to check on Construct's performance guide.

I also noticed, the game is constantly trying to load an AdMob banner, although on PC you can't. This creates an infinite loop that may be part of the performance issues

Splendid game. Very understandable mechanic and on-point level design. Translation would be appreciated

To everyone checking, this has been fixed

Hello, it seems the server is down. It should be fixed in some hours

Hello! Android emulators have problems running non-native apps such as Mine. Sorry for the troubles

Thanks for the compliment, but this is merely an extension of Pixel Dudes Maker made by 0x72. He's an awesome artist indeed

Have it in mind :b

I didn't add it with the avatar since I didn't (and haven't honestly) wrap my head around the new Android API specifications that limits developer's access to storage

Ironically, it started as a desktop app.

I'm making plans for the future that will allow me to export it to various platforms, but until then it will remain as an Android app only.

Thanks a lot! Unfortunately this was an experiment for learning and don't feel as comfortable to release my code, since it was put together very very lightly without having much thought on the engineering part. However if you're interested enough you could contact me and work something out :)


Thanks but it's not likely. Apple fees are over the top :/

Thanks! Hope you find the app useful!


I use Linux and I really like this software and I want to add it to my menu bar to become my default quick note text editor but it seems there's no way to extract the icon from a godot binary. So I kindly ask you to share the icon or could you maybe even make a installer script for linux users? 


I haven't been able to reproduce the error. Can you give me more details please?