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Love the music, the action, the AI system set up.  Wish the lava would kill you to.  I was chilling on a nice comfortable patch of lava while shooting the enemies.

Awesome video representation Gavin, as someone that doesn't have VR system, it was great seeing how it works.  

Cool project.  I would say youtube juice it or lose it.  It has great examples of what you can push with break out.

Had great fun with this one.  I cheated the system, made the window really tiny though so I didn't have to move my mouse to far.

One cant just survive a twister lol

Great game, first time I loaded it, I fell through the maze.  2nd attempt it worked perfectly. 

Dude love the breathing effect!  It really gets on your nerves.  Beautifully done.  


I noticed that at 11:58 PM when I was posting this.  But it was to late to fix it and reupload because cut off was midnight.  Will fix over the weekend :).

Thank you :), ill see what I can deliver.

Thanks man, going to focus on hopefully getting it done by due date.

Awesome stuff man!

Awesome Job!

Wow!  Super Proud of you man, this game has evolved so much since the last time I saw it.  Keep on Rocking!

Awesome stuff!  Hilariously fun!

Thank you Josh T for your Lets Play.  Ill add you as a Contributor as well!

Awesome stuff!

Pretty sweet!  Great job!

Awesome game!  Texture the ball be able to visually see it rolling.  Or it feels to static.

Love it, Nia awesome job, I dig the style with under water theme.  Maybe add some bubble particles? - From - Mr. H

Awesome Stuff


Beat it :D

Awesomeness!!!!  Great Job on your Mario!!!

I know you're a beast, and you keep on proving it!  EXCELLENT WORK!



5100 :D

Love it!

Dig, Dig, Dig, Coin.  Coin Diggity Doo, I dig it.

That it is.

Awesome Stuff!!!

These are absolutely stunning!  Great work!

Glad you had fun Nick :)

Great Game!

I managed to kill 3 birds after I died the anchor accidentally hit the last one.  Fun.  Maybe change the size so you can kill all 3.

Beat it :D