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Can you credit Filename3 for originally making this mod?

Paulor94. I think you forgot my ChalkFace sprites I requested.

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That's how the playground works in Baldi's Basics so it won't count as a bug.  Edit: Wait a minute. I didn't realize you meant the hallway.

That's a weird bug.

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Guys. I know I said it already but I am gonna say it again since I think some people aren't reading  this message.  This Bug Reporter   is an area to post comments about bugs you found from this game for mystman12 to fix.  Not to post off-topic things like YouTube videos/channels (For videos, it's okay to post them if it is proof that it's true you encountered this bug), mod plans/textures/audios, etc. If you read that, than press the up button to show you read that. I am not begging for people to click the up button on my post. I just wanna know if you read that.


The weird part is that sometimes when I play this mod and I get a question wrong,  Marii will sometimes instantly appear without the Marii Event starting.

Nobody suggested that idea. Paulor94 got the idea of making this map when watching a video of someone playing the Kickstarter Demo.

If TextMeshes, then you can put this part in "FixedUpdate()": "

            this.BaldiText.GetComponent<TextMesh>().text = *insert name here*;
            this.PlaytimeText.GetComponent<TextMesh>().text = *insert name here*;
            this.PrincipalText.GetComponent<TextMesh>().text = *insert name here*;
            this.GottaSweepText.GetComponent<TextMesh>().text = *insert name here*;
            this.ItsABullyText.GetComponent<TextMesh>().text = *insert name here*;
            this.ArtsAndCrafterText.GetComponent<TextMesh>().text = *insert name here*;
            this.FirstPrizeText.GetComponent<TextMesh>().text = *insert name here*;
            this.TwoHeadedBaldiText.GetComponent<TextMesh>().text = *insert name here*;
            this.MariiText.GetComponent<TextMesh>().text = *insert name here*;
            this.GifttanyText.GetComponent<TextMesh>().text = *insert name here*;
            this.SlenderBaldiText.GetComponent<TextMesh>().text = *insert name here*;
            this.WilsonText.GetComponent<TextMesh>().text = *insert name here*;"

Do you use text on world screen canvas or text mesh component?

But the good news is. You can edit the text.

Oh. You mean the gps text. Sorry. I thought you mean't the game object name.

Well. The real answer is you can. Go to game controller script. In Start(), put "FindObjectOfType<*GpsScript*>() == "*Insert Name Here*"

Well. I tried making a minimap and it's what I got. 

bbialboe pencil boy.

What is it by?

Did you use render textures to make a mini map

Guys! This report bugs here  update is the area to post comments about bugs you found from this game.  Not to post off-topic things.

There is no such version as 1.4.4

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There is no such version as 1.2.3

the  Principal is the Principal so he can  run in the halls.

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You need to let Baldi finish his sentence. When you press the "X" button, Baldi will say "Thanks for playing! Come back soon!" before the game automatically closes. 

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When the lockdown event is started and you are standing in the middle of the lockdown wall, it let's you inside the lockdown wall. Edit: What I meant about the lockdown wall is the lockdown door.

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Do I miss something or is it a decompile of the Full Game Demo? Edit: Nevermind.

Some sprites has cutouts.

Principal Of The Thing

It's replaced with the elevator.

Did you decompile it yourself or did you use MissingTextureMan101's open source baldi decompile?

I thought it will be 1.4.2 for pc. 

Is it the same part as Baldi's Basics The Old Laboratory of Failure Chapter 2 down to the secret sewers? If so, did you credit Sanspirate for the original edition of Baldi's Basics The Old Laboratory of Failure Chapter 2 down to the secret sewers?

As I beated this mod. That end of the sound jumpscared me as an earape.

Give me the water