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A very good game. Simple yet smooth and very addictive, specially when fighting against a human opponent.

In an era in which we have a lot of useless features on games, being hard to learn how to play without any sense i encourage you to keep developing this one without loosing it´s simplicity and quick learning. Sometimes more complex doesn´t mean more fun.

Thanks for a nice and beautiful game

Hello there, i´m not entirely sure if i included the small text file with them on the latest rar file, but if not you can grab it here hope it works ^^

Hey there people, i´m writting this just to invite you all to my new channel on Discord ^^ just in case anyone wants to give his/her opinion or do osme suggestions. Be healthy everyone!

Hi there. First of all i´m most flattered you liked my game ^^ thank you for so kind words.
Related to the questions you have, yes, there would be more areas and women, no, i´m not planning to add a feature to sell women because the game is about collecting them, then yes, you would have more clothes for the women and for the kidnapper (you know to enter restricted areas and all) and last but not less important yes, everything on the market is crossed out but because it would be available when the time comes and the training area is opened.

Phew... that was a huge amount of answers XD but do not hesitate if you want to ask more things ok? I´m available for suggestions as well ^^

Thank you so much for the opinion ^^ I know the content is not too rich for now but it would be increasied as the updates comes in, also i am looking for a good artist to help me doing this so the graphics would be improved too :)