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Master Zacrino

A member registered 45 days ago

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.... disappointing

Just curious if you've got an updated eta for next version. Ivory been asking, but it's been several months and even your patreon page doesn't say to much.

I have attempted this game several times, i give up

Got an estimated eta for the next update? Good game so far and i think I've finished as far as i can. Only downfall is that the game keeps randomly crashing, but it's only a minor inconvenience

Is 7.2 only out for donators a if now? The link (s), I've tried a couple different sites only seen to give me 7.1.

I started just after the .7 update and have not gotten 7.1, I'm not usually one to leave comments, but i must say. Damn fine job runey! I am stuck on it. I only have two complaints and they are minor.

1: despite backing up saved file i had to reset after update, but o well

2: when attempting pictures with Maria, my fav thus far, i get an exception error. Gives me a big long coding page where i can rollback, ignore, or quit. Once in awhile it lets me slip by but only auto uses the slut outfit. Would like to know if i can fix this or if another update is going to be required