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Is there even a way to S-rank the current BBEG?(the winged murk)

Do I get S rank if I don't get hit?

Thanks a lot!

Hey Nobab, 

You gave me more questions.

#3: Which map is Regolithia, and inside Regolithia:

#4: Where is that cavern, and:

#5: How can I trigger Murk battles int the cavern?


a fan of your game.

I have two questions about this game.

#1: How many Actrotech can be found in-game in total?

#2: What is the name of  the track that plays during normal battles?

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What are the controls? Can I play it on a phone?

Hi NuSan!

I have some ideas to update.

#1: Armor. It would give you defense or increase your HP.

#2: Ranged weapons, like a bow.

#3: Another kind of potion, like a strength potion that temporally or pernamently increases the damage you deal, decreasing the time that you need to destroy anything.


a fan of your game.

What did it wrote on the end-screen?

Use scyte on grass to get seed.

You mean Artifact Pieces? If not, then what?

I would need some help.

#1: How I can get wheat? (If my english isn't perfect, sorry, I'm from Hungary.)

#2: What is the map good for?