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The full version didn't work. Here's the screenshot.

You can watch videos about how to code on unity like movement

how did you do that glitch

and less spoopy

mystman12 is making the mobile version. It's coming soon. He will keep working on it after he finishes the 1.4.1 version.

I have heard that mystman12 is going to make 1.4.1 Version of this game.

I think sharedassets2

Your welcome


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Try resetting the controls settings to default.

This version is way better and way cooler :D

The character "First Prize". They meant a hugging robot. Not some kind of prize.

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Hey Iseeicy. I am making a new 2d Game. Its called Taxi's HomeTraveling Adventure. I will show you the link. I made a 2d Game called The Hoverboard Homefinder. If you want to play it, go on Have fun. Comment what you think of the game I made (The Hoverboard HomeFinder).  Have fun.  And feel good! STAY TUNED!!! Edit: I finished my new game. If you want to play it, go on


Mystman12 Thanked you for helping him solve the mouse issue bug problem. :)

I visited when I clicked your game link mystman12 typed on Baldi_1_3_2 Changelog - Mouse Issues Fixed

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Can you add this in the next update: This is Superintendent

I would appreciate if you do it :)