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GG nice game, one of the best SCP-Related

Lol, it was fun spraying bullets against brainless things

Aye many thanks, could manage to do it, just not in the end with the true final boss xd, this was a heck of an experience. Good game and retro vibes

I just couldn't, anyway, here. Nice game

Aye, pretty hard but fun

Not gonna lie, that's some shocking work on a game out there, I really hope to hear some news, consider my support, I liked how solid and varied the interactions were, keep up the good development, loved the game

Lol, it's alright, was pretty fun spending some time with the game! Hope to see more in the future. As I said, nice game.

Scary sus

(Also... g a y)

Hey, nice game, I see the game has some good potential for progress, I like that reference from Legião Urbana (btw, I'm brazilian, that's why I understood), good luck with things.

Yo, pretty nice dating sim, the art, backgrounds, conversations, it was a short but also great experience at the same time.

Also I'm simping Kangium (just kidding).