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well im a bit busy from doing other things so its sort of delayed.sorry


i enjoyed this game.I only wish the game was more longer then normal because it would have been so much fun Please reply back

if its ok.can i have the game engine for this game ecept it dosent have eny slow down movement.because i was trying to make a game like this but im bad at game coding.thanks

this game is grate cant wait for the full game.can you make the full game free cuz i would relly enjoy playing it.thanks

this game is relly worked on. i saw the trailer for the game during my past time

your amazing at your work keep it up

the game is alredy in the works so T.A.E is done with so wait for more content

well thanks im still working on it =)

thanks for taking my idea i cant wait for eggnogg rumble

hay dude do you have at eny case eny sprites i can use for my game i would make some but its taking me ages to do it

i love it.can you add stuff like a level editor and hats?.thanks i think the game will be more fun with these things =)

i love it

i played the game its awsome =)

i think rude boy rpg alpha looks cool cant wait to see it my fav part of game making is easter nkow secrets about the develepor of the yhea keep going on with rude boy rpg =)

thanks bro ill be making a game soon ok thanks for your help bro


hay dude.can you help me with a game. im trying to work on a rpg but im always giving up and going back and its getting anoying.can you help me. a unused rpg game maker engine would be a grate faver or a way to learn coding fast.sorry for boddering you a lot im just relly despret to make a rpg game or eny game as a matter of fact.thanks

hi dude.hows your game relly excited to see it soon.just sayin

hi dude.hows your game relly excited to see it soon.just sayin

im working on a update for the game so it will have a lot of cool things

you should work more on this game like at more open wrold and hunger and enimies to fight agents sound pretty cool huh?