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This was fun and the art is nice! You guys still working on this at all?

Happily picked this up! Saw one asset of yours I needed for a game; just the health bars. But saw so many ones that could be useful later or SFX which I'm lacking.

Gotta support asset creators. The more support someone gets the more they can what they love!

This is a really fun game! Oddly more intense than a normal fighting game. Being able to make the moves and constantly be thinking about what I should be doing next is different than slowly losing brain cells and just mashing together moves I remember to outmove my opponent makes it different.

Really fun even at the current development stage! Having multiplayer even if just locally and some characters on top of general polish would make this something I'd buy and play very often with friends.

Thank you! I'm glad the attack feedback was good! I was a little worried about the combat since it wasn't rushed but wasn't.

Thanks for playing and the comment!
I'm glad you enjoyed any of it; I didn't have a lot of time due to day job stuff.
I hope I can turn it into something that's really fun!

The A and S buttons were used to speed up and slow down time like the Sims and you'd be able to see the  status of the game speed in the Phone menu. A proper tutorial definitely would've really helped out to make sure everything was communicated properly.

The phone popping up is an interesting one since it's only assigned Tab and not Z; I'll have to look into that one soon.
Thanks for playing! All the feedback is definitely awesome and really helps!

Do you have the PCK files with the EXE file? I tested it on my desktop and laptop and the other people who've played ran it. I'm not really sure what other issues there might be for you.

I'm glad you had fun with the game! I tried to push it as far as I could get it within the time.
I will definitely be looking into and fixing up any controls that may be messed up. That definitely shouldn't be happening.

This was a lot of fun! Really cool mechanic and just fun and intense gameplay. If you told me there'd be a lot of fun in a game with a single enemy; I wouldn't really believe it until this. I died a lot. There was moments of learning the game. But it led to a really fun experience of messing with the controls to figure out how to really play and enjoy the game.

The audio is nice! The graphics are simple, nice; and effective! Everything build a really solid and fun experience.

I was pretty confused as to what I was doing and how to stop the bugs from killing me. The controls were pretty solid though.

The graphics area really nice! And the game was pretty well composed but the controls felt a bit touchy. The gravity especially felt really strong.

Very fun game! The idea is really cool and while I wish there was more to draw; it's still a really good implementation especially for a jam game!

Thank you! I'm honestly just ecstatic anyone found it a little bit fun! I had a whole document for the game and things went well until I slipped one day and during a jam that always means less features. So only like half the product I planned actually got made; and a bit of it was made roughly the last day. So I'm very happy you found it at all fun!

I may switch it into a highly detailed game dev tycoon kind of game over the next year if things go well and it feels right. Thank you so much for the feedback! 

Deckbuilding games are really fun and I was pretty excited to see the thumbnail of this one! Turns out it's a fun little game for sure! I really like how turns work and think there's a lot of ways the player can use those opportunities.

The entire presentation is fantastic! I love the aesthetic and the audio matches is perfectly!
A really fun game that's mildly frustrating; but I made it through and it was worth it!

This is a nice idea and the art really fits it! I especially love the Walkman tape player visual when you restart.

My biggest issue was the movement being really fast but the animation being really slow; it's a bit jarring. 
But a nice idea with nice art and audio!

The game overall is pretty cool and definitely has a lot of potential.

The concept is interesting and is done in a fun way. There's definitely room for improvement though.

I like the art, the movement; and the camera is in a nice place to see both sides. But the attacking made me just skip combat and jump over everything when possible. Having to hold a button for a delayed attack made combat not fun and more difficult.

Another reason why I avoided combat was because of the delay I'd often get hurt and have to restart from the last checkpoint. I feel like having a health meter that restarts the level when it runs out would be a lot more fun. Instead of getting hurt by a chicken and having to redo the level again; it got frustrating quickly. For an action platformer is also seems a bit off to make the action slow.

There's a lot of potential and a lot of fun in the game! It just has a few issues that make it less fun and somewhat of a chore to play at times.

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This is gonna be a bit of a deep critique review for you.

The idea is fun and the aesthetic definitely knows what it's trying to be and has a lot of potential.

The camera feels a bit low as if the player is perfectly centered in the camera which at times feels off.

There's no way to see your score while playing or even see highscores right now anytime after. So the only time and the last time I see a score is on the death screen. Which makes me want to play less because that mentality of "I'll beat my score this time!" just doesn't exist. And seeing a score while playing is super important. If I can't see my score I'm really not given a reminder of what I'm trying to accomplish or how close I am to it. Seeing a score and highscore often makes the gameplay a bit more intense. Being a few points below your highest score is always nervewracking and fun.

The parallax background sometimes makes the platforms look jittery which can be a little jarring. I can also at times jump above the background which is definitely strange looking.
The collision boxes sometimes have the player a little in the air which looks off.
The platforming feels a little floaty and really tuned for the game; which makes things feel strange sometimes personally.

Adding keyboard/controller interface controls also would be a nice touch so I don't have to reach over to my mouse to start the game and restart it.

There's potential for the game but it definitely could benefit from some work.

Awesome little software that's really useful and made with my favorite little engine!

I used this to create some character art for a game jam I host
[created included of course :)]

The theme is Timed

If you're wanting to work on some sounds for this jam I'm more than happy to work with you!
I do my own art and code but not so good with sounds.

It's a very charming and unique little game! The art for one is just nice; it really stands on its own for pixel art which is like the "indie" art style. It has a soft and dreamy yet haunting vibe to it.

The controls are solid! I had a lot of fun with each room! It isn't super punishing so I felt more compelled to try and play riskier to try and get cool runs. And there's a nice chunk of ways to overcome obstacles for having two abilities of jump and wall slide. And pulling off some risky runs felt great!

Keep up the great work!