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ok ill not bug you about islands anymore devs ^^

ok im sorry for caps my key wouldn't work atm but ty for the advice

sincerely your friend Mass


Created a new topic New ideas for Raft.

I know you guys plan to add a lot of things, and i know some people ask a lot but i thought i would type out some stuff that could be a nice add down the line!.
- A neat little way to auto kill or something strong we can make to kill the shark to keep him from taking down the raft
- Maybe a way to reinforce a raft part, more health
- A way to discard items (i have a whole chest of palm tree seeds! and no way to throw them away)
- A way to move items without having to destroy the whole raft to move things
- More types of items to find/make
- Islands to explore
- Ways to auto set up gathering water (Maybe rain catchers)
- Weather could be cool
- Sea gulls you can follow them to islands or make cages to put them in and cook them later or to reproduce them

-add a bigger chest that hold twice as much than the chests we currently have

I'll let you know if I got any other ideas !

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Hi Lexie Bean thank you for the advice ill make sure to post it to the correct area

to: Lexie Bean

sincerely your friend Masschaos <3

Created a new topic broken spear?
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sorry to bother you Devs but when i updated my raft i cant use the spear if you have a little time to fix please fix i cant defend my raft from the shark so i constantly die. so i have to build faster than the shark can destroy my raft witch is a struggle

ps i <3 your great work in raft so far

oh and before i forget please add sea gulls the idea i got for the seagulls is you can catch them and cook them or build a cage to reproduce them so you have more seagulls to eat

And another idea i got is to make 2 kind of chests small chest is the one we currently have then large chest witch holds twice as much as the chests we got at the moment

and make our inventory bigger