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Excelent game. I think with a little of love this could be turned into a mmorpg where you could engage another player too. Amazing job. :) 

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Simple but entertaining. 

Please rate my game too:

Some pieces fit but the game does not detect them as good. But great interpretation. 
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I liked the music and I would like there to be variations in limb sizes, not just exchange them.

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Ill be waiting for improvement, the magic stop working after some time. But its a fun interpretation of the jam. 

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Thanks for the feedback. I will add it to my roadmap. there is a lot i want to do to improve my game. :)

Great game. I was able to reach a point where i earned > 1000 every day. I loved game-dev too, and this is a good tribute to it. 

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Awesome game. Love the graphics. I wish to see more weapons or types of bullets.
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Awesome game. I would like to see it with more maps and a little more history.

I also invite you to go through my game.