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Huh, that's an interesting edge case. If it's solidly mines they would've cleared. That means there is a "6" clue right in the middle of mines and by the current rule of the game it won't ever be revealed.

翻訳: ダンジョンに囲まれた墓はクリックできません

the input isn't snappy and responsive enough for a puzzle game, and the R key doesn't do anything on the downloaded version?

I feel so smart figuring it out :D

I feel like my past experience of minecraft combinational logic circuit helps here tremendously.

Recursed inspired this, and this inspires Patrick's Parabox. It's like a wonderful chain of inspiration!

As if this structure (Game dev shapes the game; the game shapes the players; players become game devs) in inherently recursive!

Bug: It seems like when I enter an invalid guess it still counts as a guess but doesn't update to the board.

Describe: When I still have two guesses left I started filling in random letters and trying if it's a valid guess. After a couple of tries I got the game over screen, which is weird because the board isn't finished.

the goal and mechanics are confusing at first. But overall very fun and intricate puzzle design! 

I like how smooth and intense this game is. The scene is kinda small and the blocks spawn kinda close to the player. It seems unfair that the blocks come out of nowhere but it also adds to the intensity when playing. 

Cool concept of moving the platform with the character! But it's pretty unclear what to do at first. I suggest making simpler, tutorial-like level to let players understand the rule first. Also for everyone stuck when dying, press R to restart.