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i didnt see this til now D:

you have to take the medicine you (hopefully) picked up in the first part of the hospital

oh gosh this message means the world to me and i started tearing up a little reading it. thank you so much for writing such a thoughtful and kind message. I don't want to give too much away, but I am working on a new version of the game that should be out next year called "PURPLE: Directors cut" and its going to have new content and a couple new endings and there miiiiight be a better ending for randall. The reason for that is because (warning for heavy subjects);

Randall was heavily based off myself and my mental illnesses and at the time I made this game I was actually going to end my life once it was finished. The game was what I was living for at the time and I felt very hopeless in life. That's why this game doesnt have a good ending for randall, because at the time of making it I felt there was no good ending for me and because of my illnesses I Thought I would keep hurting people and id never be happy. A lot has changed since and I've gotten a lot of help, gotten out of a very bad situation and am on the path of healing so I plan on the new version to reflect that, while still staying true to the original story!

It means so much to me that you enjoyed it so much, even to call randall a favorite is more than i could have ever hoped for in releasing it ;w; thank you so much, it's players like you that really helped me realize there was more and im not alone and people care!

huh thats really weird O:

ive never heard of anyone else having this issue. are you running it on a mac?

there are many keys in this game

which key are you have a hard time with?

its her birthday on her id


what are you putting in? i played through recently with no issues O:

fixed! please redownload and im so sorry for this! during compression some files were deleted for some reason, but everything should be rock solid now!

ah I'm sorry to hear that! Are you using winebottler and a mac? Or a windows?

I've only had crashes with mac so far, but I did just update the game due to some personal issues and I could have missed an error.

Im out of state right now sadly and unable to update til the 16th OTL

Please try to download at gamejolt ! That's an earlier version of the game and should run better!

ah hello!

the game is free but donations are always nice and will help us out to make more games in the future.

the full release date is not decided yet, but the demo should be out within the month.

it is in the same universe as purple and you might even see some familiar characters if you click on everything!

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im not sure what that means O:


nevermind! I figured out the issue! thank you for bringing this to my attention!

loved it!

i bought this on steam but i dont think i got everything thats shown here?

regardless, i used your packs in my game!

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you gotta check the phonebooth at the very very beginning of the game (at the hospital) til you get an item.

then the sparkle on top of the building will show up.

also i updated the secret end walkthrough since i wrote it a bit too vague

oh no D:

maybe try running the game as administrator?

im so sorry! im not sure why its crashing on certain people OTL over 1000 people have played it but only 2 people have had this problem so im really not sure what could be doing it, im sorry :<

oh no! im so sorry to hear that :< im not sure what could be causing that? youre the first to report this happening so im not sure what to do @_@ have you tried doing that part not in fullscreen? (or if it wasnt, maybe try it in fullscreen?)

ah if you check flareblitzedyt 's youtube he actually did a full playthrough and did a video with all the endings! (though you sadly cant hear the ending credits song which is voice acted) theres also another person on youtube who is doing a playthrough bt im not sure theyre done or if theyre planning on doing all the endings but its noncommentary. her youtube is  cristi nicola

im also planning on doing a play through soon as well, so that should be up very soon

im really glad you liked what you played so far and i hope you can get it working ;3;

rpgmaker is compatible on windows only but i did find something called winebottler than might let you play it on mac

I dont have a mac so i cant tell you if it works but i think someone else got it running like that

heres the link if you wanna check it out-

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oh this was such a nice review thank you so much! i am so so glad you enjoyed the experience! it really means a lot to have your support!

I'm really glad the whole "urban" style game has been going over so well! a few people have told me it was quite refreshing since the majority is all spooky haunted houses set in ambiguously old time periods (not that theres anything wrong with those, i love them still!) but im glad my idea to go in a different direction is well received!

im really glad you enjoyed the characters too! i spent a lot of time trying to make everyone flow realistically when talking. im glad you could find me through robo-ahoge too! i really appreciate them so much for all their support ;u;

haha im glad you were happy with the LGBT rep, i know as a LGBT person im usually bummed out by the fact theres hardly any rep.

i do hope you enjoy my games to come too ;u; im glad youre looking forward to them! ill try not to disappoint!

and one last thing, someone had messaged you about this, but i did not like their rude tone, so ill just let you know there is a rating system! there should be a box in the top corner! its a little hard to notice, but if you wanna throw a rating on it it would be much appreciated!

thank you so much im glad youre enjoying it!
ah i updated the game page and at the bottom is a link to a walk through! i made it as spoiler free as possible, but the answer to the riddle is at the bottom ^u^ hope that helps!

walk a little further down and look closely at the darkness on the right side

hope that helps!

near the noose


I'm gonna be writing up the walkthrough today and linking it in a dev log ^u^

i hope that help!


thank you so much!

wont let me play because it "contains a virus". not sure why thats happening (im apparently not the only one uou)

oh my gosh! thank you so much for playing and even making a video! i recently updated the demo if youre interested!