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KLEJ Gaming

A member registered Feb 17, 2017

Recent community posts

Man this is so cool, so hyped to play more, here's my look at it <3

Covered this game on my weekly indie review series, had fun until i nearly tore my hair out with frustration!

For my latest video in my indie game review series I decided to check this one out, had a really good time with it, thanks!!

Played this in the newest episode of my indie review series, had a really good time with this game, thanks again!

I really couldn't take it seriously so thanks for making me laugh buddy!

I had a lot of fun and stress with this game!

Had great fun with this game, made me laugh and was quite challenging, thanks!

Such a good game, so silly yet so fun XD

This game is so much fun, as forewarned, a tad glitchy, but so much fun!!

Creepy and amazing!

I love this game!!