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Thank you for the great feedback!

I know it's not that innovative (sorry for that) I really wanted to make a game for this jam but I wan't very inspired by the theme.

I must say there are more elements that have to do with the theme near the end, but I guess most people don't play until the end. (Which is totally my fault, since it's not that clear and probably not fun enough to keep playing.)

Regarding the intro texts, I didn't really think about that, but learning about the game/situation through playing would've been indeed a better choice.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you had some fun!

Nice little game, pleasing music and sounds, nice atmosphere. Enjoyed it. (A retry button would be nice instead of having to go to the main menu.)

Very beautiful game. It was fun playing this. 
Loved the art style, animations, story, sounds and music.
Rated 5 stars! Well done Siegfried!

Wow! I love the aesthetics and audio int the game! Well done!

Thank you for playing and for featuring it in your video!

Here's the .zip:

Wow, I didn't know that! Thanks for the tip! 

(I don't think I can update it when voting for the gamejam is in progress, so I'll update it after the gamejam!)

Nice game! A bit laggy on my laptop but it's a nice game.

Hmmm... Very strange... I'll take a look into it

Thank you very much!

Awesome! Thanks for playing!

You can't open the RAR file or the executable?

Thank you!

What exactly happens? Black screen?  You can't move the character? Something else?