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Thank you for playing!!

Hey! Thank you so much for playing our game:) I'm planning to upload the soundtrack, once we publish the updated and finished version of Spacedelivery. here: <33


love the graphics and who feeling of the game! i wish the slimy slime wouldn't slide so much, other than that solid!!

Thank you so much for checking out our game :)) We are happy you liked it. And I'm happy you like the music :D We are currently working on it, making some tweaks for an upcoming version.. so thank you for your feedback. We will consider it!

Thank you for playing Iggybiggy. I'm really happy you liked the music <3 

Yes, i will check out your game :)

i enjoyed it! Boss fight was awesommeee. I wish the box would do a little more damage when you smash down. could have been very satisfying to smash down into a bunch of enemies and instakill them instead of standing next to them and loading your attack a few times.


Thank you for checking out our game! :D We're happy you liked it

super fun! good job

it got me some time to understand how to build up speed and when to dash. Once you get it, it feels super rewarding dashing through those deadly pineapples. Very good job with the art in this short time & music is solid! Keep it up <333

thank you for your comment, we are happy you liked it. And thanks for pointing out the package-count! this is something we will add :)

ayyy its awesome. i feel so good for beating the boss lol. Good job! clever

i wish you could listen to the music i did for the game xd

it is unfinnished yes D: time struggle