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Ah okay, thank you.

I've been loving the plugin, so just wanted to first say thank you for making/sharing this. Just a random question, is there any plans/is it possible to implement something similar to the Quixios or HimeWorks "Collision Maps" plugins?

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Thank you for the response. This is very informative. What I ultimately meant, I think, was how to get the script to identify which images go to which map. Not sure if I just missed where that was explained. I used to use a common parallax mapping plugin on MV that had you name them with a number corresponding with the map # (Ground_1.png in the parallax folder), and then in the map details you would put a tag like "<ground>, <par>, etc." to have the map look for the image. 

For this script would I just follow the naming convention in your last screenshot, and it automatically checks those new folders for a map when the game loads?

Thank you again

Silly question but; how do I actually enable the image files in the folders to appear in the game?

Very cool! I look forward to what you come up with.

This is amazing. Thanks for making it/sharing. I definitely want to try this out when I get a chance. Out of curiosity, is there any special enemy functionality as of now/planned?

So this game is really cool, but it froze early on for me. Just after Chik left the house, and I was told about looking at my monstons in the inventory, I did so and accidentally pressed "Use" on my high quality rat, and the game just froze. Just a heads up!