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No you!

Thanks for the feedback!

  • The game is definitely in need of some optimizations after a point. I was thinking of including an optimized GetCoconuts method for the planet level onwards that would hide all of the animations at the island level and more or less instantly return the right number of coconuts. There’s other options I’ve considered too.

  • what’s a clicker without upgrades? I think there’s plenty of room for improving monkeys via upgrades (shortening their breaks, increasing speed, increasing coconuts per tree visited)

  • was thinking of maybe implementing a copy function that allows you to copy entire segments of the map to copy/paste and then tally up the total cost maybe plus a convenience charge.

Thanks for playing and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I don’t smoke myself, but these monkeys work hard and have earned the right for a vice!

Thanks! The cover art for the game actually inspired the entire game. And I had to get the smoking in there somehow!

Really clean execution for this simple game! Well done

Perhaps someday in the future we’ll reconvene

Haha that’s a great idea!

Maybe I’m missing something but I can’t seem to do anything. What are the controls?