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For some reason my game wont run

Nice gameplay!


I have got to say, This game is truly magnificent. I have spent several hours just admiring the art style. I bleieve I can speak for most when saying that this game is truly wonderful. The fact that the game ties together so well, and even the pads all over the island that when triggering a combiniation of them will change the entire atmospheric feel is truly amazing. Nice job BINCURL for making a truly magnificent game. I would record and uplaod this to youtube but my mic simply wont work. Either way amazing game and i wish the best for you!

He means there is professors but no doctors

Looks cool and it is cheap although i got no money, Only if i did i would so buy it and then play all night :D

This game looks so cool i cant wait to get in and play it :D

Such a fun game, got stuck on the colour one for a while but figured it out xD anyway fun game and i enjoyed it, Keep doing what you do!

xD thank so much man, i couldn't do the colour one so thanks!