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It crashes for me after I select a level :/ (I'm on Windows 8, might be that my OS is just too outdated)

I like it, I enjoy the exploration and non-violence, it's like the bits of minecraft I most enjoy combined with some cute characters.

Some critical feedback:

  • It feels like it takes a while to get enough money together to upgrade anything, and part of this might be because the inventory space is so small? I think it's likely there's something I can get to increase this inventory space, but I still haven't found it so I'm guessing it's random and I haven't come across it. If that is the case, I definitely think it would be better to have it be a purchasable item rather than random as having to go back and forth too often because my inventory is quickly filled, especially as you already have basically a timer ensuring that players have to go back to the surface regularly.
  • The main character's running animation looks odd, personally think it's worth improving
  • Every time you use an item or exit the cave it goes into third person, which is annoying if you prefer to play the game in 1st person. Would personally prefer this not to happen

The first point is probably the biggest thing which impacts my enjoyment of the game, but otherwise it's really good! It's very chill and neat

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Given it a test to decide if I want to stream the game, think I'll give it a proper go soon as it looks really cool. One minor note tho: I noticed that when you try to go up the first set of stairs initially it's pitch black, to the point where I had no idea which direction to go. Took awhile of aiming at random corners of darkness to see if I could go anywhere before it suddenly became bright. This happens when I go back down the stairs too, it just suddenly becomes pitch black, but that's easier to deal with as I can aim for the doorlight and I know how the stairs are oriented now. However, was nearly enough to put me off continuing with the game, as it was taking awhile to realise what was going on initially