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I didn't archive 0.2 unfortunately just 0.1

I don't think this would resolve your issue however 🙇

That's the default pro controller behavior in windows. You have to use some program to convert it to xinput or dinput

I uploaded the past version separately, you can select it from the downloads page. Features wise you aren't missing anything in the new version it was just intended to update the underlying library.

Its strange that I had the same behavior w/ pro controllers since day 1 of the plugin. Idk if just downgrading will fix it. If it doesnt there are some programs that will translate the pro controller input to xinput and that should work

I see. A shame but that is the best I can do with my knowledge at the moment.

The stable version of the library i use to read inputs has been in limbo for a while.. Its literally older than that controller's release date, so maybe now that i built it using a beta version of the library it will work better. Redownload it and tell me if it fixes it. The title bar should now read Nyarupad 0.3.1.

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L/RButton = Left or right face buttons are being pressed / down (most useful if the face of the controller is not visible from the camera, or to add bump/tilt)

    Down = 1 if the face buttons from the respective side are held

    Pressed = 1 on the first frame the button is held then goes to 0

L/ROnStick = if 1 the thumb should be on the stick, 0 hovering over the face buttons. It is set to the one you used last

L/RThumbX/Y = position of the thumb when hovering over the face buttons.

These last ones are a bit hard to conceptualize so here's a gif demonstrating them

Its kinda too many keyframes to put on a thumb but if you rig it in this order

  • Start
  • (Start on 0) ROnStick
  • (ROnStick on 0) A,B,X,Y
  • (A,B,X,Y on 0, ROnStick on 1) RStickX/Y
  • (All on 0) RThumbX/Y

Its not so bad

Steam input used to work even unfocused when i tested it but that was 2 years ago, maybe they changed it, i think you're going to have to try it natively again. Delete the "token" file in the plugin's directory and remove it from the VTube Studio's plugin list and try to launch it. Do note that the authentication request will appear in VTube Studio before the plugin window is created.

What Windows version are you on? Are you launching it through Steam or something similar?

Thats strange to say the least, tokens should be unique and if authentication fails it should just ask for a new one. Im glad you were able to troubleshoot it. Ill try replicating it even if artificially to see if there's any way for the program to handle this automatically

thanks for the suggestions! I plan to add them at a later date however I'm currently too busy with live2d work. It may take a couple months until I'm able to implement them

Depends on the adapter. If windows detects it as xinput or dinput should work, if it detects it as a switch pro controller then you're going to have to use an external program

You can dm me on twitter @nyaruseu

Nope, the plugin only adds input parameters.

However you could add the animations to your idle animation file and key the parameters used in them together with a toggle parameter so it only moves when the toggle param is 1

Yeah some people recently reported the same thing with the plugin through steam input but it was always a bit janky..

If your controller is an xinput or dinput try not launching through steam.

If it's a nintendo controller try using a program such as betterjoy instead of steam input.

If you absolutely need to launch it through steam check if both the game and the plugin have steam input enabled. If they both have try disabling it in the game if they dont try enabling it in both

Yeah. Unless you find a way to connect to your pc and switch at the same time

You will probably have to edit it in live2d cubism if you can't do it just by editing the texture file.

Live2d has a 40 day trial, you can use that

No keyboard support because you simply dont need it. In vts you can make expressions for each of the buttons and sticks and achieve the exact same result.

For example here I binded the key "A" to LStickX = -1, which will move the left stick to the left

My plugin is waay more simple than what you are thinking. It simply passes the variable values to the program like for instance Left stick's vertical position it can go from -1 to 1 and then the animator does the animation left thumb up and down animation and links these values to the model.

You probably want to search for 3d animation or 3d rigging tutorials, how to interpolate and set them to a specific value. Good luck!

Unreal engine is a game engine, it should already have functions for handling controller input, you shouldn't try to port the plugin to it just use the built in input handling in ue to trigger animations in the model.

I have no idea how to do it but it shouldn't be too different than doing it in a game project and there are plenty of ue tutorials for this in the internet.

Sorry, I have no idea why it would work with one Steam game but not the other.

Are you launching the plugin through Steam as well? If not its worth a try at least. Add it as a non-steam game, go to properties and enable steam input in it as well.

There actually is a way to achieve this!

Parameters are LThumbX and Y and RThumbX and Y (you have to press tab to view them).

Use them when ThumbOnStick is 0 and ABXY are at 0.

I guess you could even discard the ABXY parameters and use only Thumb parameters together with ButtonDown. Do what works best for you.

Unfortunately for the time being no, it's just how windows handles the pro controller. However i did find success if you launch it through steam as a non-steam game and enabling steam input. For non steam games you can also use a third party program that converts the pro controller input to xinput such as Betterjoy.

Unfortunately for the time being I won't add support to it. I already tried to but couldn't and have no way of testing it which makes it even harder.

You could try running it through steam and using steam input to remap it or using a software such as UCR - Universal Controller Remapper as a workaround

Sorry for the confusion. I designed this application to be as minimalistic as possible, so it'll try to connect to vtube studio as soon as you double-click it, the preview window will only appear after connecting.

Open vtube studio and enable plugins before executing the file. When executing the plugin a pop up should appear inside vtube studio.

its just the way that windows recognizes the pro controller, if you go to the "Set up USB Controllers" and select your pro controller you can observe the same behaviour. 

One solution could be to add it on steam as a non-steam game and enabling support for controllers there

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ah I see what you mean. im not sure whats causing this issue but one thing you can try to do is adding it in steam as a non steam game and enabling steam input in the properties and launching from there if you really want to use the plugin

this may be an issue with windows 11 but i don't have a way to test it at the moment

Unless you're trying to connect to another computer or you changed the plugin port in VTube Studio you should use the default "ws://localhost:8001"

Also make sure you have "Start API (Allow Plugins)" checked in the first tab of the configuration in VTube Studio. Also check immediately below it if it says it's using port 8001.

You can do it in the live2d editor

file > export image/movie > export psd

dont change the name of the layers when you adjust! then reimport the psd by dragging it to the editor and check the option to replace the old psd. adjust the meshes if the art clips out of them

there's no tutorial yet because the vtube studio update that allows you to have live2d pinned items released literally today lmao

you can add the example model as an item by opening it and going to the item menu (the one beside the change background button) and selecting "load current model as Live2D item". after that you can just add it and pin it to your existing model like any other item

also remember to have the plugin connected for the model to appear

ParamPadOn (l2d model parameter) is a opacity switch, it is set to the NP_ON input parameter which is 1 when the plugin is enabled and 0 when it's disabled.

i didnt meant bitrate compression i was talking about compression the sound effect, for instance if you used fl studio i think if you let all the instruments really loud the limiter compresses the sound so it doesnt clip the waveform, most audio programs probably have something like this too

using a lossy format is probably fine, i dont think u can really notice it until the bitrate is reeeally low

tbh i like the overcompressed sound a lot in this case because it fits well the saturated aesthetic

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i loved it, the art was great, it was really cute and the crazy colors reminded me of some of kate wurts' comics, the music was also great tho a bit too compressed (not necessarely bad just unconventional), i dont play a lot of vns but it feels like so much effort was put into this