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Hello Pinhoug! Thank you for this video! 

Of course Kimmy! You can download it and record a video without any problems! Have a nice day too!

Hi SpazzKing! Thank you for this video! :)

Thank you Pecanyoutube for recording this playthrough! 

Thank you TheRandom Fies!

The build for macOS is just uploaded :). Enjoy! 

Hi RandomPotOfChillli! Don’t Trust is not supported on chromebook.

Hello PEK PLAYS! Thank you so much for recording this video! Greetings from our team! 

Hello CaptainLuke! You are right that the game is not so long :). Thank you for playing it! 

Hey Sugarcat! Thank you for recording this funny video and playing our game! Greetings from our team! :)

Hello Jar Red! Thank you for playing our game and for recording this playthough! Greetings!


Hi Adrionic! Yes, you managed to find all of the endings! Thank you for recording this playthrough. We especially enjoyed the moment when you were waiting for the battery to run out, it was pretty funny! Greetings from our team!

Hey KingTwizz! We agree that there could be a little bit more of backstory and if we develop this game in the future, the plot will be more advanced.  However, we are happy that you enjoyed the game!

Hello Soulbarrier! We are glad you found all of the endigns :). Indeed, the bug is really funny and we did not notice it before!

Hi MADGaming! Thank you for recording this playthrough we really enjoyed watching it! Greetings from our whole team! :)

Thank you too Scruncho Gaming! We do realize the game is not a typical horror game. Regardless, we hope you had fun playing it!

Great game, I love the idea and how it fits to the topic. Everything is consistent: graphics, music, colors, I'm impressed! Level design was nice, it was a pleasure to play it!