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Yea the spikes are hard but after a while, it's a lot easier. I don't blame you for only getting 3 getting 4 is really hard.

Is there a theme or is it said when the jam starts?

thx but if I remember there are 7 eggs so keep looking

true tho

I was joking no need to go that far

Wait did you steal my design???




I use Construct 3


well it's free but you get new features if you pay and I work fine without paying

Thx but don't be to hard on yourself

You guys are adding music?

That seems something I would do

I mean I did steal it from a demo


No one replied :(

What do you think you will make for the jam?


You mean blocks

well I died

No problem it was just funny

Time is so slow I WANT TO START NOW


Am I suppose to see a vacuum because I can't do anything

These things are so random

Epik game

At some point I died 

I'm so confused on how to play

I loved the book

I wish I could play this on full screen mode but good and hard game

Good game and hard game

Fun game however it could be more low effort

I do not understand how to play but I didn't read the story part so yea

Too much garbage I repeat too much

So after collecting the first trash I got stuck in a loop and me being lazy I didn't want to read how to get unlooped so I kind of just stayed flying in a loop

Epik game I'm getting lazy on writing these rewiews

is it tho?