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Oh, this brings me back to the 80's type adventures! I played it through only once, but I want to see the other endings, so I'll play it through again for sure!

Still don't know what the Button Researchers are doing, lol.... I hope I did not mess up their work too much - I turned all the buttons on :D

To make a mini-adventure in such a short time is amazing - what's more I played it all the way through! Great submission!

Kind of like the "build your story" concept here! Could even use it to create prompts for larger works of fiction! Nice very original submission!

VERY polished, great graphics, and nice twist on the genre! And I found the dogs :D

I tried to get my Husky/German Sheppard mix puppy to bark, because he generally barks randomly at the most random things.

Shadows on the wall, for example.

Faced with a microphone, he clammed up as silent as a fire hydrant.

Sigh... so it was DIY again :D

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Thanks Lord Pillows! 

There are only 16 "levels" but it loops back forever :D No "you won" screen, sadly :(

Each level has a (three set) card more, which makes it a bit harder and longer to play :D

Also published on MicroStudio with the code visible.

I created the music with the amazing online BeepBox :

PS: All assets are made by me, and I have released them as CC4 (This license allows adaptations of my work to be shared under the same license, and allows your work to be used commercially, as long as it's attributed to me).

Like the idea, but sadly I have no physically available friends, only online -  luckily I am a mutant with three hands (joking!) and sort of was able to play a bit on the phone to get a feel for this original idea! What is for sure - This 300% filled the requirement for "hot seat" gameplay! And palm trees.

This is a fun game and brought back memories of similar games from the arcades of long ago! Very similar vibe, but this has way better graphics :D Thanks for making this!

This is cute and actually a great idea! Reminds me of a similar toy I had a long long long time ago!

Nice puzzle game - simple to learn, simple to use, but gets tricky after a few levels!

Oh, nice work! I used to waste hours and hours with this game on paper in the military during down time with my fellow inmat... ah, soldiers. This is a very cute PC adaptation! Great work!

PS: I still am bad at it - lost, again, lol... 

Lol, I got quickly surrounded by dust-bunnies, but those green cleaning pads really work well!

Nice concept, and was having way to much fun with the "pad booster" (down + space).

Fun game, but needs some good dexterity (which I seriously lack, haha) to beat! 

Nice and "old-skool"! Made it to level 2!

Love the 3 bullet system - I can use that strategically! Very addictive - I am fully intoxicated!

Ok, I played this waaay too long and almost didn't work on my own submission. :D This is actually very fun! Sadly, still have not found the dog (fish?) yet, but I will keep on trying!

Review I left: "ThE K3ys" very very much reminds me of the time I played Lucas Art's ZAK MCKRAKEN for the first time. The graphics are super sweet. My brother and I were stuck in the apartment for several days until we figured out how to get out - this is before the days of "play-thrus". So hat's off on giving me great nostalgia! I am, once again after 30 years, (virtually) stuck in a room with only 2 keys found , and can't find the dang remote --- eh, I mean 3rd key. PS: "ThE K3ys"  at least is merciful - it throws me out after a few min, and does nto force me to stay glued to the computer for hours and hours and.........  :D

I'm still running Blender 2.9 and the import works with no issues. I will assume you are already using Blender 3?

Sadly have not had the leisure to work with Unity for a while now :( That said, I suspect you will want ot import it first into a 3d tool (such as blender) and do a bit of work on the model before importing it into Unity - maybe set some default flat textures on the faces for example, then save in a more Unity friendly format (it used to support Blender out of the box way back when - not sure if it still does?)

Wow, this is a great tool to make quick mansions... popped it into Blender, added some simple textures, and in 2 min, you have this. Would have taken me 30 to 40 min to build this manually - and probably would not have looked as great.

The water well in the courtyard is a great touch! You do some really great and fun generators! Thanks for sharing!