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Ah well, we've got a German Interview / Review. I was so free to share it with you guys. :) Have fun and thanks for downloading our game!

Thanks for playing! And congratulations to survive...somehow ;)

Yeah! Thanks for playing. A closed door often needs a key ;) Great fun to watch your video!

Wohooo! Awesome video! Thanks a lot! Yeah those bees aren't out for a little chat ;) But you're right.  A real monster would be more appropriate. Congratulations that you've made it through :)

So many thanks for the awesome video! Really enjoyed to see you suffering :D But honestly... I should have placed at least some clearer clues for you guys ;)

Thanks for the let's play! Basically you had all the tools to escape. The key and the map ;) ... greetings from NRW ;)

Thanks a lot :) Great to hear.

Ha! Awesome! Thanks for the video!  Great to see that my game leaves so many space for interpretation. You're right. The minotaur isn't that minotaur-ish ;) I'll keep it in mind next time.

Thanks for the review. Glad you enjoyed it. 

You're right. A real "scary" thing might work better here. I'll keep that in mind next time. I think it would make it feel more authentical.

Thanks a lot for this awesome Let's Play! VERY fun to watch. You've played it as intended :D Very appreciated. <3

Haha! Awesome! :D Pretty nice score though!

Actually, it is ;)