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Martin Cirice

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Thank you!

thank you, that means a lot to me!

Thank you!

I totally feel you! I really enjoyed being able to "fake smoke" in the VR game "I Expect You to Die", it scratched my ex-smoker itch in a nice way.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you!

I'm glad to see that you enjoyed the smoke breaks, I feel it's part of the life of most of bartenders, at least in my country. Thank you for playing!

I'm happy I was able to convey these emotions.

Thank you!

Thank you for playing, I'm happy to read that! It was an idea I had in mind for a while, so I'm glad it resonates with someone today.

A good way to turn a read book into a message readable by all, thank you!


Amazing zines, I agree totally on plain text files, and Quit Shopping For Fun was inspiring, thanks!

clear and impactful, thanks!


love it!

It was a good exercise, thank you for helping me getting my MBA, I'm ready to work at my dad's company (he's the CEO). 5/5

Why have free healthcare when you can have subscription insurance? Out-of-body experience included!

Who wouldn't want a fully personal charger experience? You wouldn't share your toothbrush, right? At Phone Company, we designed a fully bespoke charger that is adapted to your specific needs! You want the best phone? So get the best for your phone!

Thank you!

very nice to play

Love the humor and the music, well done.

very interesting, thank you

Thank you for this heartwarming review!

it's a very fun idea, well done!

thank you!

Thank you!

Yep it's just a little toy I did in 3h, mainly to experiment with drag and drop mechanics in Godot engine. It's short but hey, it's the Trijam after all :)

The theme is a pun between "Cycle is broken" and "Bicycle", the bicycle is broken.

It's simple and polished, well done!

Nicely done!

Simple but fun, well done!

Nice idea, I'm not that good at shmups, but I had fun, well done!

Nicely done, it's a good idea to have the "+" collectable, it stops shooting in circles being a working strategy. Good job!

It's a relaxing game, visually and musically. Very chill, well done!

Thank you!

Simple but cool, I stopped at 39!

Fantastic concept, bravo!

thank you!

Thank you!

hey, i modified the description, working keys are Z or C for the (O) button and X or V for the (X) button.

Sorry for the confusion!