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Very relatable and very neat, haha

Had a really lovely time with this! Even not understanding Russian, I easily fall deep into clicker games haha, especially when the atmosphere and presentation are so amazing!

Thank you so much for the feature and wonderful feedback! Really thankful for how in-depth you went 🙂

Really lovely art all around! I think the game conveys the cute/creepy vibe super well 🙂

There is an unfortunate game-breaking bug where the snail will occasionally appear on the top of your head when you try to pick up the doll (I believe this happens when you interact with the snail, but choose not to pick it up).

This causes the game to freeze when you then try to interact with your sister as she is laying on the bed.

Absolutely phenomenal game, I can't wait to see your future work 🙂

I'm super stoked to hear you like it, thank you 😊

I think this game is really fun and imaginative!

for some reason it's unfortunately not launching for me, and I find myself unable to SCRUM

This is such a cool idea, the execution is really great too!

I'm super addicted to this game haha, the AI works really well!

I think you've done such a good job at relaying this super relatable feeling. Really enjoyed playing this (:

I had such a good time with this, super funny!

Had such a nice time playing this, I found the writing, music and overall style to be super enjoyable (:

This is such a cool concept, I enjoyed exploring the space a lot