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Barrels for booze!

Im really interested in this. Following :)

Sharp eyes, school wriggled in of the way. But yeah there is another project I started on 3 days ago. A means for me to learn c++. No idea when the time is there to start a devlog for it since c++ aint easy to learn. Its coming together though.  Game is a mythology blacksmith kinda thingy. Need to refine the whole idea before I actually start creating it. Im just learning c++ while trying to setup a framework for myself.

Gaming without a mouse is not really something gamedevelopers think about or should think about. Like, you cant play counterstrike or league of legends without a mouse right.

Thankyou! :D

I love the tileset. I use it for a game I am creating. If you are interested here is the devlog! Thanks for making this :D