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I love this game! 

Minor note: When playing it, we used grave dirt instead of mummy wrappings since that seemed pretty sketchy. 

Absolutely breathtaking. Begins with a short essay on morality and choices that I already know I'm going to come back to again and again. 

Not only shows how to make a colossal beast truly seem huge in a game, but also discussed why decisions were made, which gave me a greater appreciation for how things work. 

And, youknow, gorgeous art and amazing layout. 

I paid for this game, and it was totally worth it. Even reading through the dice table was fun and interesting? Totally made me want to go find a d12!

I really enjoyed reading this well-considered game. However, I noticed that the second page of both of the "accuser" handouts says that "the priest is a Witch." (at the end of the first paragraph on the right side). Although the text of the motivations on each "accuser" handout match the gender of the witch, I wondered if there were any other differences on the "accuser's" second page besides that one line. 

How did you break into my childhood and steal these thoughts out of my past? 

I had not known I needed the words "arboreal communist" in my life before now. Thank you for fixing that for me. 

Hi this was good perfect needed beautiful; thank you. 

Awesome, thanks!

I don't see any playbooks to download here? 

FUcking amazing.