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Great little game. Didn't have anything chasing me, so that's always a plus. 

Here  I thought it was going to be a great date, but noooo...

Listen... when a game scares you in the first 1 minute of gameplay, it's worth the money. You son of a bitch, I'm in. 

I tried... I really, really tried.

I liked it - however everytime I felt I was going to jump, I didn't.

What a terrifying experience. One of the most horrific games I've played to date, BRAVO!

Working in retail, this hits close to home.

I don't get it, but hey... who am I? Check it out:

Absolutely loved it - beautifully done. Check it out:

Awesome and short. Check it out: 

Marshall Mainsails Presents Spooky Games #6

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I hate demos because they usually just tease my interest, this game is no different. Cannot wait for the full version. But of course, you can check out my playthrough, ya' goons. 

Marshall Mainsails on YouTube


this game is a lot like the movie, "Blood Sucking Freaks." It isn't pretty and to the untrained eye, it's a giant pile of crap. To us intellectuals? An amazing game. Check out my playthrough, ya goons.

Awesome game. 🤘 check out my channel and subscribe!

Absolutely stunning and the gameplay was as entertaining. Check me out!