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using this as decoration for a user profile on a game website. linking back to you, of course :) thank you!

I believe in you!! looking forward to the release of a game you can feel comfortable and proud of :)

love coming back to this page to see this update! I'm glad you still have hopes for this nutty little game, even if they are far off

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today I fervently recommended this to my friend with the words "it's a walking sim with bonus spices. it's an experience and it's not a profound one, but it sure is one. I love it to death." this game lives rent free in my head and I cannot vocalize why

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ok, completely aside from the BEAUTIFUL aesthetics, themes, and style choices... this game's sense of humor gets me so good. the bike horn when sergei pushes the button. the dickhead baboon. michael jackson is there. the martian just, like, as a whole (far and away favorite character btw. maybe next to malcolm from the same critter. he's just a good pal)

edit: meant to add that I really appreciated the cop-out option for the casino. I'm disabled and I needed it

writing it for them! this is a fantastic game, but it can be disturbing in a way that ruins the rest of your day if you're psychotic and not aware of what sort of things might happen

this definitely deserves its winner status! just challenging enough, and pretty inspired new but very simple mechanics. definitely has that ultimate pick up and play feel old nokia games had. I seriously wish I had a bundle of these games in a phone app, but especially this one. I think it's an amazing idea. I'd even pay for a version with more levels and maybe a death limit/counter, hint hint...

is the shaman the one underneath the food court? trying to puzzle that one out myself. while I'm here, was it intentional to make the entrance to that area where the girls restroom should be? :)

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really enjoying this!!!! I wish there was an ingame item stat thing of some sort. I mostly just can't for the life of me figure out what the star card is doing for me. never mind, I'm just unobservant. this is so cool, I am seriously in love with it. I can't tell if I feel like it needs something or if that's just me wishing for a 300 hour AAA version of what the game represents. it reminds me of virtual hydlide in terms of how it handles both visual design and lore/storytelling. I friggin love it. for anyone else reading this, this guy on reddit has done some fantastic posts about this game. and videos, but I haven't watched those yet because I wanna toy with the game more first.

I have psychosis, so I wanted to give my fellow psychotic gamers a little heads up. this game can be very discordant in sound and unnerving in image. in one bit, a dark figure emerges from a dark corner as you approach (you will have plenty of time to react). the general tone is creeping discomfort. the game attempts to seem like it is haunted by simulating having power beyond the boundaries of gameplay (closing out, referencing the nature of reality, etc). some visual glitching is used for effect. the plot vaguely centers on cults, gods, and demons. that said, I SUPER recommend this!

cool, thanks! looking forward to that. will be checking out your other stuff when it's not 2:30am as well lmao :)

oh also I have a question. I tried punching the rat king but he kept shrinking and then I couldn't punch him any more and then I respawned, so I tried just pushing him overboard but that didn't work either. am I misunderstanding how it works or is there just something I haven't figured out?

this but like also I genuinely have no clue

been looking for an excuse to make a uquiz so if this guy hasn't yet that might be my next thing

I've noticed I have a lot of trouble clicking with my PC trackpad to talk. I really wish you could change the controls since holding shift to run messes with my arthritis after a while too

I'd be so into this honestly. would be cool if there was a channel with a 10 second rate limit for us slow-speed rats too

I still haven't managed to do any of the platforming sections, even the simplest (been delightedly calling them ratforming to my patient boyfriend) but this is so addictive otherwise. wish there were just a couple more incentives to exploring (like giving people stuff, relaying a message, w/e) but I get that overall that's not really the mood down here with the rats. have started a folder with screenshots of my favorite rats. so far it's goo dood, rat who thinks there might be cats down there, cold rat, big sleepy rat, snake that comes out of the sludge to party, joey, and the all-important piano rat. he is probably my favorite. I don't know why I'm so in love with this game but you know what? rat

god you're so fucking valid I could die

Just finished as well! I'm curious which route you went for first? No spoilers please! I went with Heidi, was REALLY tempted by Bell but in the end I had to pick her. I think I'll be playing through Parsnip before Gregg's route, just seems like the right tone to set.

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I just finished the first playthrough. It's nearly 3 AM, I was supposed to be in bed hours ago. I am, to put it lightly, fucking obsessed with the lore in this story and the writing you've put into it. The music fucks as well. The added instruments was ingenious. I think I like Parsnip's version the best. The only negative thing I can possibly say about it is that I wish the backgrounds were a little more diverse and the writing a little more spellchecked and proofread. But this game deserves to cost $40 on the top shelf of a game store, I would actually kill for it.

I haven't even unzipped it yet but I must comment on the decision to designate it as a game? [stet] on this platform because I'm already enjoying reading's default text on it to my friends and I haven't even played it yet.