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I just finished the demo and i spend a ver time ! I'm really looking foward the complete game. The story, the characters the atmosphere seems really interresting. 

I really recommend to play the demo !

The game was great ! I'll try to get all the leaves now !

PS : I wanted to join the discord but the invitation has expired i think 

It is a beautiful game with a touching story. I really enjoyed it.

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It was a really cool little game, it was welll written, i laughed because the game points out many little thing that come from games but are not in this one. There were also references that i got and it made me smile.

I've just one last thing to say, the game is good, i recommend it, it a great experience

I hope that the dev will make a sequel !

The story is great. I enjoyed all of it. It was short but interresing !