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!! really fun and aesthetically please game, 8/10

ive already commeted so I know this will probably be ignored, but maybe for an actual game element there should be donkey kong-esk platforming options that lead to each of the monsters? just spitballing

I want a waterbottle to be really really angry. It should have sentience and it should be pissed. and a waterbottle body.

its the next day i still have 250 miles left,, why why am i like this

ive been playing for 5 hours now. I have 300 miles to go, and am on the verge of death. 10/10 so far

how long did it take?

how long is this

please im not playing for 16 hours

oh i know that, but i mean how do i make friends? is there a button for it or???

I'm so sorry to bother but im obsessed with this game, but I am stuck at the door part, where you have to jump at the very top over all the berries? but no matter what mode im in there is no safety block and i cant make the jump any advice? :)

Where? i feel so bad bothering you but I can't find it anywhere? I looked in controls box and can't see it? is this a button you have to find?

theres a f r i e n d s button????

How do you get all achivments, like any hints are wanted. I got the brian one but have n o i d e a how to get a gun. Im slowly losing my mind. I will not rest till I have awnsers.

Cipher+4 community · Created a new topic End Reward

It was really hard but I got to the end, but I've got no clue what the key is?? :(( can I get a clue or smth/???