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Thank you for the kind words ZK and Congratz on finding all the birds! The 2D/3D art style is something that I would have not dared to do before now, but now I got a hang of it might become a personal favorite of mine as the implementation once everything is set up makes it very quick to iterate and add to the project. :)

Thank you! I personally enjoyed the art from our artist alot as well. Wish I was smart enough to use Lerps, Animation Curves and Quadratic Bezier curves more in my games for polish, It's alot of trial and error to get it right, and its still not near perfect! :D

Glad you enjoyed it It was alot of fun to make it!

Thanks for playing! :)

Glad you've enjoyed it! Yes after maxing the reputation it ends the game, sorry if you wanted to continue in an endless fashion! 

I'm a bit of a pessimist and during the end of the game jam I tend to not look so favourably upon my game :D

Thanks for the nice words! :)

Thank you! It was fun to make :)

Heyo, your link in the description leads to the wrong game page just so you know :D

7zip is free and open source:

and 7zip files can be opened by any popular archive compression software. 

It's a windows application, compressed in a 7zip archive. You don't have 7zip (or another similar application that can open those compressed files). Get yourself one of those, extract the files and then you can play.

No the zip file nor the exe are supposed to open in blender.

Thanks for the vid! Move the mouse up and down to control the spine of the character :)

That's odd, it's a standard windows application, it should not require flash. If you want further support you need to give more info then that for me to help.

Are you on Mac? Because this is windows only.

Looks like your Antivirus is to strict, removing the application because it comes from a unsigned publisher, i.e me.

You've got to give me more to go on then that for me to be able to help.

You can just download the .7z file, unzip it (Extract all the files from the .7zip file) and then run the executable.

Oh, didn't even know the itch client had a auto update feature, thanks for the tip!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Not sure what you mean by "All of it" but most of the things (cubicles, keyboards, walls, pillars, glass, cart, etc.) are just basic unity cubes, The chair, monitor, and mug were a free Unity Asset and the Rest and character were just very simple Blender models.

I Spend most of time making the physics controller, that why the gameplay had to be dumbed down a bit.

The way the character works is very simple actually, it's only using custom physics joints, which come default in Unity.

You set a Target rotation, Rotation limits, and then a type of force, be it lerp, liniar etc and it will try to keep that shape :) It's alot of trial and error to get it right. If you click the little ' ? ' in the component you get a instant link to the Unity Docs which explains how it works in detail.

That is odd, I did some testing and can't find anything that would cause it to crash.

So that would just leave a Engine problem or something that's on your end, be it to low specs, driver issue or just plain Anti-virus gone mad.

Sorry you had to deal with it, but still thank you for comments!

It is a 7zip file, any program like winrar, winzip and 7zip can unzip this file. You might have to associate the file type with your program first.

Thanks for the detailed reply! Most of your problems can be explained by just having 3 days to make the game, the timers being stuck and the crashes is something I've never seen on my system. It would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me what kind of system you are playing on and what you were doing when it crashes.

Anyhow I'm going to sit down and fix the text scaling and have a look at the timers.  

Thanks again!

Thank you for the feedback! This being a gamejam game you gotta make compromises, and since Alt + F4 is already sooo convenient it didn't make it in the game :)

I've got 0 Idea how to message on Itch, so this must do. Since this is a jam about doing new things I'd love to try working with some folk, although keep in mind that i'm what I'd call a "amateur hobbyist game developer". So if you and your friend find that intriguing you can add me on Discord(Polyethyleneglykol#1092) or Steam(118595135) so we can talk and see if we're fit for each other :)

Thanks for the kind words! Most of the time if find its the rover stays put if the Voltage is to low going up hill therefor not generating enough torque or there is a rock either blocking or lifting the wheels of the ground.

Haha yeah the rocks do tend to hide in satcam, only very subtle shade difference. And thanks. I used a russian text to speech system and tried to force it to speak english, worked reasonably well as-long as the sentences weren't to long!

Thanks for the feedback! The rover stops for a multitude of reasons, try turning up the voltage to the motors or zooming in with the Sat cam to see if there is a rock in front you might not see on your rover cam :)
The whole every button is physical thing was very experimental,  had no one around to play test it in-depth. But I'm glad most people saw it as a neat gimmick at the very least!

Thanks for playing !

I have uploaded a uncompressed version, as sometimes compressing a .app on Windows can cause some problems apparently. So If you have a minute or two to try it out it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

That is a shame, as I don't own any macOS devices I'm not sure how to fix it either. I'm sorry you've experienced this Issue!